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The Billy Myers series icewine is one of the 18 different varieties of icewine Royal DeMaria have marketed from their Ontario vineyard. They sell them off as generic Pomerol. In 1987, helicopters were employed to help surplus moisture evaporate from the berries.

In 1987, the estate experienced an extremely hot summer followed by non-stop rain. Unlike other types of Bordeaux wine where less favorable vines are used to make a second or third wine, there is no second wine from Petrus.

A bottle of Château Pétrus doesn’t come cheap: Expect to pay thousands, or tens of thousands, of euros!

The great wines of Bordeaux are not all part of the 1855 classification, which concentrates on the left bank of Bordeaux. Innovation: iDealwine new home page is live! To safeguard the quality of their grapes, they hired a helicopter to hover over the fruits and dry them. That's why a lot of winemakers are equipped with professional weather stations, to be able to harvest immediately if a storm's on the way. What do they do with the rejected grapes? Only an exceptional taster could answer this.

In June 2012, a bottle of 1959 sold for €3,670 through Acker Merrall & Condit in New York, while a 1982 bottle went for €4,300 at Christie’s in Hong Kong. When H. William Harlan purchased the land for his own vineyards, he intended to produce a top-quality wine.

With its exceptional quality and character, Petrus is one of the most celebrated and privileged wines of Bordeaux. Read our top 10 most expensive wines list, including a few more affordable alternatives. Located in the heart of the Pomerol appellation and property of the Moueix family, Petrus is proof of this, distinguishing itself as potentially the best red wine in the world.

The … The bottles in this auction all come from one cellar, and there are some real jewels to bid for! Petrus, for instance, is one of the most expensive wines in the world, but that hasn't always been the case. The reason (apart from such factors as transport and custom fees for imported wines) is simple: The law of supply and demand ensures that prices will rise when many people want a scarce commodity. In the world of great Bordeaux, Petrus is certainly a top performer at auctions. After World War II, the Petrus management understood that competitors in France were too strong and renowned, so it started to expand the label's market in other European countries, Britain and the United States. #wine #auction #barolo, Which have been your favourite bottles so far in 2020?

This bumps up wage costs because grapes must be picked up at the same time and can't be stored while waiting for the whole vineyard to be harvested. What do they do with the rejected grapes? In 1987, the estate experienced an extremely hot summer followed by non-stop rain. It's a top-quality wine, produced in small quantities to extremely high standards: If it's not good enough, it's not bottled under the name of Petrus and it simply skips one vintage. They understood that Petrus had to match wines from Médoc in price in order to communicate it was of equal value. Harvest is made by hand-picking berries one by one, to remove stems. But Petrus' price doesn't depend on marketing strategies, trends and critics' praise only. Here are some top picks from October's first auction!

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