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Their is no nudity or profainity and the violence in minimal and not graphic. That is experimenting with Catfish & other forms of Ocean Life. A lot of people say, "What's that?"

I have not seen the MST 3k version of this movie, but one has to admit, they would have a LOT to work with.

What an inspiration you have been in my plot!


while the worst,most drab folk song that I have ever heard plays in the background(sashay through the sarcasm?! I hunted high & low for this for years.

Metacritic Reviews.

A scientist turinng himself into what looks like a really old, wrinkly Gumby? Unsere neue Kollektion hat Turnschuhe mit einem modischen Touch, der nicht dem Sport vorbehalten sein sollte und zu allem von Jeans bis zu Kleidern getragen werden kann. Terrible.

He also wants to create a new race of fellow walking catfish monsters.

This film is a testament to the low budget, independent monster/horror flicks of the 60's and 70's.

One is where Zaat is pissed off that his first victim died and he rages out in a pharmacy like Tommy Wiseau and breaks a few empty bottles in a very controlled way. Let's face it, the MST3K airings cut almost 30 minutes out of the film so their segments could be added and they talked through the whole movie. Don't let me forget Wade Popwell, whose portrayal of the Monster left me without disappointment. Just like Free Willy, The Bear, or any Pauly Shore movie, this flick was just a marketing ploy to get me to buy walking catfish t-shirts, catfish video games, and Popeil's Pocket Fisherman. The underwater photography is tolerable and there are a couple of suspenseful attacking moments. You can keep your "Titanic"s and your "Eegah"s; give me Zaat. DE 38 kein Etikett... #cee75ea, ZARA Sneakers Damen Freizeitschuhe Turnschuhe Gr. It was made in Jacksonville, Florida in 1971.

An idiotic scientist decides to turn himself into a walking catfish monster. FAQ [laughs] They think I'm insane! The IMDb correctly discourages comments from referencing other comments, but since ZAAT has the honor of being one of the IMDb's lowest rated films, it's appropriate to pay a nod to one of the chief forces behind its low rating. Copyright © 1995-2020 eBay Inc. Alle Rechte vorbehalten. The film only runs 96 mins. This is a horrible movie. Yeah, I couldn't believe it either! Es wurde kein Produkt gefunden.Entfernen Sie einen Filter und versuchen Sie es erneut. Apparently, it is more commonly known by the title Zaat and though I am sure there is a lot of movie that MST3K did not show, I am rather sure it still would have been a very poor movie.

Which preserves the films entire 99 min.

What was the screenwriter smoking?

There are only two scenes that stand out for me. The lighting of this movie was terrible, the kill scenes were very short, the mask!

Shorty was our town bum, a real bum, and this movie made him an even bigger local icon.

It took long enough just to get it commercially available on VHS. Well, the mask is very self explanatory. Regardless of how good or bad you think the film is, is it fair to judge the film at all in this form?

Zur vorigen Folie - Das könnte Ihnen auch gefallen, Zur nächsten Folie - Das könnte Ihnen auch gefallen. Even though the film is regarded as one of the worst B Movies ever made.

So verpassen sie etwa Skinny Jeans ebenso wie einem Bleistiftrock einen sportiv-lässigen Touch.

My friend claims to this day that he's visible in the angry mob scene. I give it a 10 with unmitigated bias.

We present some of her best and dazzling looks. Ever since then I've been trying to capture this scam on camera.

I finally did it!

De superverkoop gaat vandaag van start voor het grote publiek!

This day, this very day, I'll become one of YOU! Awards I admire you. I can't believe how much this movie filled the depths of my inner being. Erreichen Sie mehr als 160 Millionen Käufer. Which when it first came out in 2000 it was priced at $29.99.

DE 36 kein Etikett... #4634da4, ZARA Schnürsneaker hellgrau-blau Casual-Look Damen Gr.

The Attack VHS version of the film has fake credits also missing scenes.

I actually really liked this film, but I am also a big fan of cheap, trashy, ugly little films from the 60s and 70s.

To the end shot of the girl moseying into the ocean to become mate to the stupid looking monster that the doctor transforms into, this movie is just dreadful.

And together we'll conquer the universe!

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