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He was also one of the founding members of Fairy Tail, and now serves as one of the eight members of the reformed Magic Council, alongside the other Wizard Saints, barring Makarov and God Serena. Portrayal Previous Partner(s) Two plant users face off against each other, who will win this match? Race [20], After those events, Warrod was confused at the reveal that Mavis wants to found a Mage guild. Cet anime est juste magnifique, la fin de cet arc zerø est magnifique aussi j’ai était tellement ému je conseille à tout kebab monde cet anime. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [30], As they enter the house, the old man tells them to be quiet because plants like silence. Back then, Warrod dressed himself in a sleeveless top with a belt and trousers. Choujou Daikessen ! Garrett SchenckCris George (young) Mais en fait s est ce qu il y a dans l’animé. Whilst a few of the sketches maintain Warrod's eventual silly appearance, many display him as being angry, or coming across as far more serious in personality. bonjour l'episode 7 ne fonctionne pas avec 1fichier. However, he was bemused when Mavis revealed the guild's name being Fairy Tail, until she explained its meaning. and the Demons from the Books of Zeref, but Warrod claims to know nothing about any of this. Fairy Tail's birth. Anime Debut [11], Back at the port town of Hargeon, Precht, dissatisfied with what they had gained in the journey, namely, two "brats", went off into the town to find information about Blue Skull, somewhat reluctantly accompanied by Mavis, while Warrod and the rest being left with the task of finding an inn. The man, Zeref, did so for the next few days, teaching Warrod Tree Magic. Japanese Voice L'histoire de Fairy Tail Zero précède celle du manga Fairy Tail. Playing along with the mood of the situation, Warrod prepares to say that everything was "just a joke", but tells them all that everything he's said is true, as well as confirming that the reason he hired Natsu and Gray was because they are from Fairy Tail, though he dismisses this as a joke as well. Elle narre les origines de la célèbre guilde de Fairy Tail. Still, the treasure hunters longed for the Tenrou Jade, but Mavis realized that the treasure was gone, and most likely, the Blue Skull guild had stolen it. Affiliation [13] They soon encountered an old man who told them that Magnolia's dilapidated state was due to the presence of Blue Skull in the city, but before he could continue he was killed by Blue Skull members, who also turned their attention on the group; Warrod, Precht, and Yuri easily defeated them but the noise attracted a much larger force. Warrod then holds his staff and uses his Green Magic to create a giant tree as a means of transportation. During his travels, he reached a certain village called the Sun Village, which worships an "Eternal Flame" as a guardian entity.

[47], Staff: Warrod is shown using a wooden staff to cast his Green Magic. Mavis created illusions to scare them away, but the Guild Master of Blue Skull revealed himself and informed everyone that the illusions were fake, which resulted in another brawl erupting; Yuri and Precht were injured during the melee (the latter having lost his eye), but Warrod recovered them and pushed through to escape into the forest with Mavis and Zera. When she named him Makarov, after a character she read about in a book, Warrod expressed his like for the name, however, when Rita dies after touching Mavis' hand mere moments later Warrod watched on in shock. He then asked Mavis to name Rita's son as every single one of them was terrible at naming. He will risk it all to protect that great world-tree. [2] He used to travel across the world, halting the spreading desertification single-handedly. He was also a former treasure hunter alongside Yuri and Precht. [17] As Warrod made his way back, he found that Geoffrey's cage was open and wondered what was going on as they were supposed to capture him. Warrod Sequen is one of the Ten Wizard Saints and among them, he is ranked fourth in terms of strength of the Four Gods of Ishgar and the Wizard Saints in general.

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