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Joe Montana never lost a Super Bowl. Tom Brady - 31 Joe Montana – 23. Playoff Games. He was 7 when Brady won his second championship, and 11 and 12 when Montana won his … We thought Montana was incredible when he went to four, and won each one. Brady, who grew up in San Mateo and idolized the former San Francisco 49ers legend, leapfrogged Montana for Super Bowl rings and Super Bowl MVP awards when the New England Patriots on Sunday pulled off the largest comeback in NFL history to stun the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI. Tom Brady vs Joe Montana Through 1st 12 Seasons of NFL Career Comparing Montana through 1990 to Brady side-by-side, Brady has the statistical advantage in every category.

Any way you look at it, the argument can be made for either one. QB Rating. 1 of 27 MVP Superbowl quarterbacks Tom Brady and Joe Montana attend the Salute to the Titans breakfast at UCSF at Mission Bay in San Francisco, Calif., on … Advantage Montana. Passing Yards. Just like any other kid growing up in the Bay Area in the 1980s, Tom Brady had 49ers fever. Joe Montana says Tom Brady told him that was a real issue in New England... and Joe Cool believes it's one of the biggest reasons why TB12 is no longer a … Tom Brady - 96.4 Joe Montana – 92.3. Record — Tom Brady: 5-2 | Joe Montana: 4-0 Touchdowns — Tom Brady: 15 | Joe Montana: 11 Interceptions — Tom Brady: 5 | Joe Montana: 0 Completion Percentage — Tom Brady: 67.0 | Joe Montana: 68.0 Passing Yards — Tom Brady: 2,071 | Joe Montana: 1,142 Completions — Tom Brady: 207 | Joe Montana: 83 Passer Rating — Tom Brady: 95.3 | Joe Montana: 127.8 Margin of Victory in Super Bowl … Tom Brady - 7,957 Joe Montana – 5,772. Tom Brady - 63.6 Joe Montana – 63.2. As it was with the recent comparison of Steve Young and Aaron Rodgers, the era in which both men played must be … December 11, 2018 11:20 am ET Joe Montana’s respect for Tom Brady is in no way questioned, but he is hesitant to call the New England Patriots quarterback the … Montana is 18th on the all-time passing list, one spot behind Kerry Collins. Interceptions. Playoff Career Stats. Brady has won six Super Bowl titles to Montana’s four. That’s impressive, no doubt, but Brady has four Super Bowl MVP awards to his name, the most of all-time. Advantage Montana. Touchdown Passes. Brady won his fourth in his 14th season as a starter. Tom Brady - 1,183 Joe Montana – 734

Tom Brady - 28 Joe Montana – 21 Pass Attempts. Advantage Brady. The quetion is now on the table. Tom Brady - 428 Joe Montana – 45. Brady was only 4 years old when the 49ers won their first Super Bowl in the 1981 season.

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