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It’s hilarious. I’ve met plenty of people who regretted missing out. Stop what you’re doing and get your ticket to the Hackaday Superconference. I head over to the cosplay repair station.

After a late lunch and naps we head back to the convention center. What have you done to go #BeyondYourWindow recently? I ended up buying two little packs of fabric (accidentally the wrong length) a pack of safety pins and some spandex.

• Valard Construction will provide comprehensive project management and construction services for the double circuit 230 kilovolt transmission line connecting Hydro One’s Wawa Transformer Station, Marathon Transformer Station and Lakehead Transformer Station. The East West Tie has been developed to ensure a long-term and reliable supply of electricity in Northwestern Ontario and was identified as a priority project by the Government of Ontario in its 2010 Long Term Energy Plan. First off Kevin still had not found glasses to wear for his cosplay outfit, so when he and Crystal went to grab breakfast they went looking again.

SuperCon 2K Series.

Interesting stuff. Lots of people dress up as their favorite characters, and people come from all over to see and be seen. Ced has updated details to Nits Processor. I can braid, I just suck at feed in braids where it’s down to the head. Kevin and I went to sit in on a cosplayers panel.

Where they're all trying on dresses but apparently they had food poisoning from the night before and are either vomiting or have bad diarrhea.

We all met up and headed back to the Exhibition room for one last look around, and then headed back to the apartment to rest up for the drive home the next day. There are only 4 categories/scenes total. Everyone loves a cosplayer with a weapon and especially a group of cosplayers.

National Video Game Association (NVGA) Local Business.

Raleigh Supercon is Raleigh’s largest multi-genre comic con, bringing in 30,000 attendees over a three day span. This was one of my favorite events of the weekend. Not bad but a one and done kind thing. It’s a panel of voice actors who will reenact scenes from movies but with their own best impressions of the characters. Log In. That’s is for day two! We see lots of people dressed up as we walk towards the convention center. or. It wasn’t bad to where I would want to spit it out, but it was overwhelming. Look up “Raleigh Supercon” in Google Play or in the iPhone App Store. If you need assistance during the event, you can ask a nearby volunteer for help or you may also go to the pre-registration info desk, and someone will gladly assist you.

Soon after, we grow tired of the show and head out towards what is known as “the Dealers Room”, “Artist Alley”, or the “Exhibition Room”. We get that fixed, and then Crystal and myself find a spot to sit down in while Kevin searches for something to get autographed by Naruto’s voice actress.

I guess I should email Mike… I mean I can afford the $256… but it’s not an insignificant chunk of change. Exhausted, we walk back to the car grab some dinner on the way back to the apartment and call it a night. Boy was this the day of errors, mistakes, and mishaps. After this event we pretty much call it a night.

This is the ultimate hardware conference, November 15th, 16th, and 17th in Pasadena, California. What is SUPERCON? Would be glad to do a keynote if you like.

Yes, I’m talking to you.

Later on that evening we head upstairs to go watch “Steal That Voice”. ask your boss to make this a business outing) or your hard-earned vacation, Supercon will recharge your batteries and top off your inspiration for the year to come.

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