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In Series 8 Kelly falls out of love with Shane and begins seeing Marty Fisher (Jack Deam), who later she becomes with pregnant with. She meets back up with Jamie at the Jockey, where he gives everyone 30 seconds for people to say whatever they like to her, before they accept that she's his wife and he won't allow it to continue. His parents delayed his birth registration for over a year.

Since the end of Series 7, neither her or her brother Bruce have been seen or mentioned since. He again accuses Maxine of wanting to be with Carl, to which she tells Ian she just doesn't want to be with him. As time went on, she appeared in smaller radio media markets, in upstate New York, and toward the end of her life hosted "Your Hudson Valley Neighbor" three times a week on WGHQ Kingston, NY from the living room of her home. In total, Yvonne appeared in 51 episodes. She stays with Joe, but soon begins to question her choice as she starts taking her bipolar meds again. In series 3, he became a recurring character and was only seen in few episodes for a brief appearance. It is implied that she is unsure who fathered Cilla because of her fling with underage Billy. Micky, who survived the explosion, admitted that he felt responsible for Mandy's death, Karen also felt guilt as she kicked her out of her home, hours before her death and slept with Joe. Carrie appeared in 21 episodes in total. Fiona was reluctant to leave with him, as she did not want to abandon her siblings and friends. Meena appeared in 18 episodes in total.

Maxine throws Bruce out. At one point he burns Carol's house down when he finds her having sex in the shower with his best friend, as well as burning down the toilets of The Jockey when Veronica attempts to have him sent back to prison after he escaped to attend her wedding; incidents like this have landed him in prison several times. Marty has coprolalic Tourette's syndrome and is a pyromaniac. It was shown in Series 6 that he is a supporter of Celtic F.C. He is seen briefly at his older brother Jamie Maguire (Aaron McCusker) and Karen Jackson's (Rebecca Atkinson) wedding at the end of series four, singing along with his brothers Shane (Nicky Evans) and Micky (Ciarán Griffiths). During this episode, Yvonne moved into the house between the Gallaghers and the Maguires after arranging to rent it from Fiona Gallagher (Anne-Marie Duff) and Steve McBride (James McAvoy). Sue reveals that she is pregnant with Marty's child and the two leave the estate (how they find the money to do this is unclear). Miley Cyrus' brother Braison gets engaged to Stella McBride Stan is then severely beaten by an unknown assailant. [7], Mary Margaret McBride and Stella Karn met in the early 1920s in an instance of complete happenstance. As McBride describes it as, “One day a bouncy woman, with eager brown eyes and auburn hair rolled into a bun, burst into our office and announced that she would be handling publicity for us.” McBride and Karn worked together for years, with Karn managing McBride and her show. Relations between Micky and the new couple remained strained, but eventually Micky decided to stop letting the relationship bother him. Katie is born after a heavily pregnant Mandy is knocked over during a robbery at the local shop. As the men push through the door the furniture topples over and knocks Ruby out of the window, where she falls onto the patio and is instantly killed. Her mother has also moved in with the Gallaghers, living in their front room, and has been set up as a counterpoint to Frank, both of whom consider the other as "fakers" regarding their illnesses. Kev's marriage to Veronica Fisher (Maxine Peake) is legally invalid because he never got a divorce from his first wife, Roxy (Jill Halfpenny), who Kev left because of domestic violence. It was mentioned that Paddy was going to return to Ireland with Mandy's ashes to scatter them, however Frank ended up spilling them across The Jockey. Overall, Carol appeared in 28 episodes. He appeared in the show on a recurring basis throughout the first three series, whenever his family had problems to deal with on the Chatsworth Estate. He appeared in 40 episodes in total. He is the son of Monica Gallagher (Annabelle Apsion) and Gary Bennett, revealed when his blood group was found to be incompatible with the rest of his siblings'. Her husband, Brendan Tyler, was accidentally shot dead by Carl Gallagher (Elliott Tittensor). The comments below have not been moderated. Ian supports Carl's girlfriend Maxine when she decides to have an abortion and break up with Carl. Nin Gallagher is Frank Gallagher's (David Threlfall) grandmother who appears in the first episode of series 7 of Shameless. In series 6, she clashes with her mother about her modelling career and becomes personal assistant to Lillian Tyler (Alice Barry) at her brothel, eventually moving in after an argument with Yvonne. For example, she steps in when Liam denounces God and the school he attends makes a move to expel him. In Episode 1 of Series 8 an army SNCO visits the Gallagher household and reveals that Debbie has been killed in action. Mimi films them and sets up a website to display the shots. He is introduced to the series when he has been sent to live with his aunt, Patty Croker (Valerie Lilley) and godmother Libby Croker (Pauline McLynn).

However, she also has strong maternal instincts and shows compassion for others. Overall, Mandy appeared in 51 episodes. She was the acting mother to her five siblings after her mother left due to Frank's lack of responsibility. She remained Martha Deane, but was no longer a grandmother.[2]. In the end, he makes amends with his family and partakes in their activities. Given his academic performance, the school determines Liam to be an exceptionally gifted pupil, which leads to him being awarded a special scholarship. She was a member of Kappa Alpha Theta at the University of Missouri.[1]. Kelvin Alan "Kev" Ball (born 24 January 1974) worked in the local public house, The Jockey, and was the next door neighbour of the Gallagher family. He tells her that he threw Bruce out for spending all his time smoking dope, and he's stunned to learn Bruce is gay. Shane insisted he would forgive her anything, no matter whom she had slept with, but the guilty looks between Paddy and Kelly made him realise what had happened between them. Later, Carl's siblings Lip, Ian and Debbie, figured out that the only person with the motive for informing the police about Mandy's dealings was in fact her brother Shane, who was angry that his mother chose his sister over him to oversee that area of the family business. After the Gallagher household falls behind on their HP payments, Liam gambles at Joe Pritchard's (Ben Batt) shop to raise cash. She explains to him that she knows she has to earn his trust back, and just wants him to give her a chance. In series 8, Jamie is shown to be scared of clowns since he saw one of them choke to death when he was young.

She is also a bully who often teases her brother Saul (Lewis Hardaker), and is often seen being spiteful to Stella Gallagher (Nikita Brownlee). Much to Yvonne's frustration and dismay, Kash demands that Yvonne give him money. Paddy starts a relationship with a dance enthusiast named D'reen (Cathy Murphy), and makes plans to emigrate to Cuba with her. Mandy Maguire is the only daughter of the Maguires, the Gallagher family's neighbours. After Stan is assaulted, she accepts Joe Pritchard's (Ben Batt) offer to buy her out.

She accepted advertising only for products she was prepared to endorse from her own experience, and turned down all tobacco or alcohol products. Sheila left with the twins to go on a cruise after discovering Frank had not divorced his former wife Monica (Annabelle Apsion), who had suddenly reappeared with her lesbian girlfriend. ', Four months strong: The millennial musician only became Instagram official with the dimpled brunette on July 11, but they both refer to each other as their 'best friends' (pictured July 11), 'I cannot wait to be your wife!' Ian often identifies as gay, having various relationships with older men throughout the first four or five series. Although the results are disastrous, she shows herself to be a diligent individual upon whom her family can depend. Tom O'Leary (born 1981) is one of Chatsworth Estate's policemen. Carl, Kelly, and Libby all feel suspicious of their friendship, especially when Libby sees Liam wearing a dress (Liam wore one of Debbie's dresses as it reminded him of her smell). Shane and Kelly have also developed a parental bond with Liam to the point where Liam even calls them mum and dad (albeit in jest) as they put him to bed. In series 6 it is revealed she has a son called Rodney, and she appears not to like him, and feels that he is a waste of space. Soon, Monica and Frank admit to still having feelings and they have sex. In his last regular appearance, Tony assisted the Gallaghers in framing a corrupt police officer called Neary after he framed Lip Gallagher (Jody Latham) for a burglary. Micky reveals to Paddy that he lied about passing his fire test. Micky sees them and tries to convince Ian he shouldn't be with a woman, but Ian says the labels don't matter, he wants to be with Maxine. Joe becomes increasingly controlling, threatening to reveal their affair, and makes a failed attempt to buy out Jamie's portion of The Jockey. After hours of deciding what to do with him, Maxine overhears a conversation where Ian admits that he would "rather fuck him than kill him".

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