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The player has the ability to decide what is in these slots not only on their own character, but on both of their companions, though all items not in use are kept in a 'communal' inventory, rather than three individual inventories. With little choice but to accept, the player must find their way through an icy labyrinth inhabited by 'ice fairies', to find the child's mother. Players receive 4 skill points each time they gain a level, and can add them to the skills of their choice. Website ©2020 Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Limited. The Archmage's child has known the player for years, and some sort of romantic involvement is hinted at in some of the dialogues. Create a new topic. Each individual skill can have a maximum of 10 points.

Want to start us off? A nature player cannot equip technological implants. The killing blow is struck by the Archmage's son/daughter who managed to find their way through the robot factory before the player, but took no steps to confront the Shadow Mage until the player arrived (for the added drama, it would seem).

This section of the game is considered the tutorial, as the Player assumes the identity of the Archmage of Silverfall in defense of the city, rather than their own character, and pop-ups explain the basic workings of the game. Secondary quests are beneficial for the experience the character receives for completing them, the rewards offered, the loyalty shifts between nature and technology and the possibility of companions joining. So the player's next action is to hunt down the attackers, apparently based in Greybay. The spectre is met twice more before revealing the Princess has been turned into a ghoul, which the player must defeat, at which point Iznahel himself attacks. Set in a fantasy realm, this action role-playing game features expansive worlds rife with monsters. the four attributes are strength, constitution, agility and intelligence. NPC's offering quests will show up on the mini-map as green dots, and a green arrow on the mini-map will show the direction the player needs to go in to complete the selected secondary quest. The Archmage's child then appears (now corrupted by the Shadow Mage) and ask the player to join them, but the player must refuse in light of the suffering of the people of Silverfall. The player follows him through, to find Silverfall and her allies have gathered and are about to launch a frontal assault, during which the player might just be able to fight their way to the temple to defeat the King once and for all. The arrows for these quests show up as yellow on the mini-map and generally have smaller rewards than those offered by secondary quests. Silverfall is an immense, intensely paced role-playing/action game within an amazing universe. Upon his death (or 'dissipation' as he is already dead and attacks the player as a ghost), the player finds records regarding the Shadow Mage that has been plaguing Silverfall. Upon entering the crypt, the player is met by a ghost, revealed to be Iznahel, who taunts the player with words apparently from the Archmage of Silverfall's corrupted child. Silverfall: Gold Edition was also released in 2008, containing the main game as well as the expansion. The dark king is creating a portal in the dwarven palace, and even though the player mortally wounds him, he manages to escape through it to Blaize, the capital city, where he plans to use the temple to summon the God of Destruction. Unfortunately, the cleansing of the city's water supply isn't the last hurtle on the way to rebuilding Silverfall. The player receives the stone to cleanse the Archmage of Silverfall's child from the corruption of the shadow. The passage under the mountains, however, has been overrun by gigantic hostile insects, which the player must fight through to find the dwarven city. With little left for the player to do but stop the impending destruction of the world, the player returns to Silverfall, and is told the only way to stop the summoning of the God of Destruction is to travel underneath the mountains and find the evil, subterranean dwarves in league with the King of Darkness and kill him before he can complete the ritual. The player then fights their way to the grave of the founder of Steelight, to find he has returned as a ghost, drawn back by the terrible happenings that began in Silverfall. Once in the Greybay docks, the player must fight their way through the ship belonging to the Princess' kidnappers and kill the captain. With the safety of the refugee camp established, the PC is asked to go to the city of Cloudworks, a technologically aligned city in the middle of a desert, in search of the Archmage. After the player has completed this task, they must return to the Gaian druids for the water to be blessed. By signing up, you agree to the CBS Terms of Use and acknowledge the data practices in our Privacy Policy. Take a look at some footage of Silverfall in action. Returning to the druids results in the player receiving the water to cleanse Silverfall's supplies. Silverfall Windows, PSP game. Silverfall PlayStation Portable at GameSpy - Check out the latest Silverfall cheats, cheat codes, walkthroughs, guides, videos and more! That was the challenge that Monte Cristo faced with Silverfall. More images & videos Choose your path in a world where the forces of nature and technology collide. Upon returning to the city, the player finds the king has been killed, the crown stolen, and the princess kidnapped. Skills are broken up in to 3 main categories: Each of these 9 sub-categories comes with its own "skill tree" for the player to choose from. It's not a bad game, but Silverfall's enormous potential and pretty graphics are overshadowed by its weak story, poor interface, and frustrating design elements. At the end of the tutorial, the Archmage can either kill the as-yet-unnamed evil or be killed by him, which then possesses the Archmage's body. Unfortunately, the druid have their own problems, with the holy water needed to purify Silverfall's supplies only available in a cave inhabited by beastmen. The equipment a character can equip is dependent not only on their strength, but also on their allegiance, i.e. After cutting their way through wave upon wave of shadow knights and magma beasts, the player reaches the temple just as the Shadow King is nearing the end of the ritual, and witnesses the Avatar of the God of Destruction kill him, and turn on the player. Creating a new fantasy setting is a challenge, and project manager Jehanne Rousseau talks about what that involved for the upcoming action role-playing game Silverfall. However, once there, it is no simple matter getting a hold of the stone necessary to defeat the Shadow Mage. A RPG experience with great freedom of character evolution, Head-to-head four player multiplayer mode and two player co-operative mode, Multiple gameplay and combat choices - nature / technology / magic / melee / ranged. It's not a bad game, but Silverfall's enormous potential and pretty graphics are overshadowed by its weak story, poor interface, and frustrating design elements. The Player then finds themselves in control of their own character in the middle of a camp of refugees from the fallen Silverfall. Take a look at the latest video diary for Silverfall. All companions require that some quest be performed before they will join the player's party, and depending on the player's attitude towards them throughout the game they may offer more quests. She asks the player to find her son's illegitimate heir, whom she exiled several years before, in exchange for the stone to save the Archmage of Silverfall's child. At the request of the Archmage's child (their sex depending on that of the player character, always the opposite thereof) the player must undertake basic quests in the surrounding swamp to protect the camp, find supplies, etc. ... System: Sony Playstation Portable Downloads: 6,157 Rating: (4.84 /5, 31 votes) Top 25 PSP ROMs. This upcoming action role-playing game will offer beautiful graphics and a huge world to explore. A port has been made for PlayStation Portable. an item may be short sword level 38 ultimate). A 'nature' player may be asked to kill the overseer of a group of workers who no longer want to pollute the world with their factory, and a 'technology' player may be asked to exploit natural resources that will result in a loss of the livelihood of a nearby people. Silverfall promises you the freedom to build your character with whatever skills and abilities you like. by assigning various skills as they level up. These records reveal, amongst other things, that a way to destroy the Shadow was created, and is now kept in the nearby, snow-bound duchy of Steelight. Items can also be used to modify attributes. After this victory, the druids agree to bless the water, but ask that the player character kill the Prince of the corrupt Elves to prevent further attacks. They will also initiate dialogues at various moments throughout the adventure, volunteering information on the area and/or their backstory. Once the child's mother is located, she tells the player that her son has been kidnapped by the frozen fey, and the player must then track him down. Characters can be either male or female, and gameplay will differ slightly based on the selection. 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A particular item's level and quality is highly dependent on the area obtained and the character's level, rarely ranging far from the characters level at the time they obtain the item. Release Date: Out Now ... PSP™ PSP Games PlayStation®2 PS2™ Games Support.

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