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Shishupal too was invited. Wife of Alexander sent a sacred thread to Porus, asking him not to harm her husband in battle. Shishupal’s father soon died and he became king of Chedi. Lakshmi asked that Vishnu be freed from the request that he live in Bali’s palace. But after it, I won’t spare him at all.". At that moment Krishna stood up and warned Shishupala " I have promised your mother to forgive only 100 of your wrong deeds. He asked his charioteer Daruk to take him to Vidarbha. Krishna invoked his Sudarshan Chakra and threw it at Shishupal. After a small duel, Krishna was about to kill Rukmi when Rukmini begged Krishna not to kill her brother. In the battlefield, when Porus was about to deliver a final blow on Alexander, he saw the Rakhi on his hand and restrained himself from attacking Alexander personally. {{#message}}{{{message}}}{{/message}}{{^message}}Your submission failed. Dantavakra literally means "crooked teeth". According to the legend, Krishna loved Draupadi so much, that he called her ‘Sakhi’. Rukmi wanted Shishupala to marry his sister Rukmini. Then it returned to Krishna’s hand. Draupadi may be the only celebrated bride among all the classics of the world to have multiple husbands simultaneously. Thus, the cycle of rebirths was finally ended, and the grace of Vishnu was finally granted. Shishupal even kidnapped the princess of Visala, viz. ... Shishupal was born with three eyes and four arms, and brayed like an effin’ ass.

You see, Krishna’s luck is now at an all time high. The place where Dantavakra was killed is today called Datiha . The much-loved god, Krishna has made a great impression on mankind. Few scholars are of the opinion that the reason for this marriage was due to then famous custom of polyandry. Rukmi chased after Krishna’s chariot and caught up. She also boldly reprimanded the elders present in the court and appealed to them for justice. Their teachings are described in Mahabharata and Chandogya Upanishad. It is believed that Goddess Kali had given a part of her powers to her, for the destruction of the Kauravas. In his Vishnu’s Krishna avatar the killing of Shishupala and Danthavakra is not the main focus but more to reduce the ‘Bhoobhara" (The burden on mother earth ). Here every ritual is followed, except tying of Rakhi. For reprint rights: Times Syndication Service. For although Rukmi had not verbally accepted the bet, his throwing of the dice meant that the bet was acceptable to him, to even a idiot onlooker. In that, he installed Krishna as a guardian deity. Rukmi tried to follow them but Krishna caught hold of him and tied him at the back of the chariot and said, “Brother is needed when sister is getting married” (referring to a ritual in a marriage ceremony where the brother is required). Though in appearance, Rakhi is a mere loose thread, but it is considered stronger than iron chain as it binds two siblings in a pious bond of love, where in a sister ties the thread on her brother’s wrist, with faith that it will safeguard him from miseries; while the brother sworns to protect his sister from anything/everything that may come as a harm to her. He asked her what she would like in return of this favor. Krishna wielded his chakra and directed it at Shishupal. She had wanted to marry Krishna. Soon she became desperate. Failing to win your favour, I will fast unto death.”. His mother Pruthudevi , sister of Krishna’s father Vasudeva too was aghast at his ugliness but was hopeful that his deformity would be rectified in due course.

Therefore he took along his best fighters , to retaliate, if the situation demanded. Jarasandha treated him almost like his own son. When Dushasan was dragging her by the hair to the court, she ridiculed him, comparing his prowess to that of her husbands. Shishupal was born with three eyes and four arms, and brayed like an effin’ ass. Onlookers had noticed that when Shishupala and Dantavakra fell down dead, a ball of light as of spiritual effulgence came out of their bodies and merged into the body of Lord Krisna. Draupadi had five sons from the five Pandavas: Prativindya from Yudhishthir, Shrutsen from Bhima, Shrutkirti from Arjun, Shrutanik from Nakul and Shrutkarma from Sahadev. But in the near future, it will surely come down like the rim of a wheel, when we can ensure our victory over him.”. The eldest son’s name was Rukmi. Much like it, Bhai-dooj is also celebrated on third day of Diwali too, also known as Yam-Dwitiya commemorating the affection between Yamraj and his sister Yamuna. He was a little unusual as a baby, having three eyes and four hands, and braying like an ass. She lived in Dwarka as a shadow of Krishna.

Shishupal kept on calling Krishna names and insulting him. In the Satyug, they became Kashyap’s sons Hiranyaksha and HiranyaKashyap, in the Treta age as Ravan and Kumbhkarna and in the Dwapar age as Dantvaktra and Shishupal. To save her kingdom from the invader, Rani Karnavati sought help from the Mughal emperor Humayun and sent the sacred thread (Rakhi) for him. In most parts of North India, people celebrate Bhai-dooj on second day of Holi. Ritual: On the day of Rakhi a sister prepares a pooja thali that includes; sweets, diya and the Rakhi.

Why should noble Kshatriyas like us devote our prayers to a cowherd who has no noble family, is dark skinned and is a virtueless person”, Krishna stood up and addressed the gathering saying " Listen all. The moment Krishna took the child in his arms, the additional limbs and eye disappeared.. Draupadi was a damsel of dark complexion but of great beauty, “As radiant and graceful as if she had descended from the city of the gods.” Draupadi’s other name was Krishnaa (dark skinned). Gladdened, Yamuna welcomed her brother with a tilak and prepared luscious delicacies for him. Her eldest brother Rukmi was adamant that she should marry his friend Shishupala, the king of Chedi. It went revolving to Shishupal and severed his neck from the rest of his body. “Forgive him a hundred times before you kill him, Krishna. End of Shishupala at Yagya of Yudhishthir Once Yudhisthir, elder brother of Pandava was organised a famous Rajasuya yagya. He was the son of King Damaghosha of Chedi and was the cousin of Krishna, but disliked him a lot. Shishupal was an incarnation of Jaya, Vishnu’s attendant. She was very intelligent and knowledgeable. Once, Sankadi went to Vishnulok to see Lord Vishnu. She was also virtuous. According to the divine voice, this meant Krishna would be the one who would kill Shishupal. Shishupal kept insulting Krishna and Bhishma. That would be the opportune moment for you to abduct me. Unluckily better sense did not prevail on Shishupal and he went on and on , with his vitriolic abuse against Krishna. The entire heaven, especially Lord Indra, became apprehensive about his increasing strength. But Shishupal continued his abusing that made the lord angry; he released his ‘sudarshan-chakra’ and beheaded Shishupal. Shishupal let Bhima take over his kingdom and gave Bhima loads of tribute. Krishna easily bore the brunt of Dantavakra’s attack and ultimately he tore open Dantavakra’s ribcage with his mace, known as Kaumodaki. Why not arrange match of dice in which we can defeat Balarama?”. The “Principals of knowledge”, Sankadi are believed to be first everywhere. With the Lord’s blessings, he had become invincible in the battle field and managed to defeat all Devas. The day is celebrated on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Shravan around July – August in India. Krishna, with his father Vasudev, went to see him.

It increased when Shishupal got to know that Krishna had killed his friend Kansa. We are unworthy of wielding the bow and arrow.”. Finally, as Sisupala he received the grace of Krishna. Shrutshrava was watching and she was horrified. He put baby Shishupal on his lap. Leave a quick comment if you have any questions or comments. Rukmani was herself very beautiful – People use to compare her with Lakshmi (goddess of wealth) whenever they would see her. To become rich, he made friends with Shishupal so that through him he could make contact with the valorous King of Magadh, Jarasandh. When the Kauravas tried to dishonor Draupadi through “Cheer Haran” (removing her sari) in a hall full of people, she prayed to Krishn continuously. She sent a brahmin that she trusted named Sunanda to Krishna with a message.

Due to their internal rivalry, to humiliate Yudhishthir, Duryodhan, the eldest of the Kauravas, induced him to gamble with loaded dice. Shrutshrava didn’t like Shishupal’s deformity. So there was no one to contest Ashwathama. Due to this sinful act, Ashwathama had to bear many  serious insults and a curse. Shishupala was also a vassal of Jarasandha and hence an ally of Rukmi. The minute the pot was full; Krishna got up smiling and cut off his head with his Sudarshan Chakra. Some of the special ones include: West India: Nariyal (Coconut) Poornima is celebrated specially in Maharashtra, on the day of Rakhi Festival (Raksha Bandhan). They thought he would be an ideal match for their princess and prayed that God should make the union possible. She was apprehensive that her action was impulsive and had earned Krishna’s displeasure. His twin brother Vijaya shared in the original deed and caused an equal amount of trouble.

It was known to all that Rukmini , was an incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi , and that she wanted to marry Krishna . Hee invited many kings and princes. Shishupala was born to king of Chedi. Many kings came to see the weirdo child, and Damghosh placed the child on the lap of each, but no change came about in the child. The festival rejoices the impeccable bond shared by a brother and sister; it speaks volumes about this loving relationship that cultivates, evolves and uplifts overtime. But they were warned by a invisible  voice from the heaven…O king, your son will be fortunate and superior in strength, don’t be scared of him indeed cherish him without anxiety.His extra hands and eye will disappear in the lap of the person who will kill him. Due to this sinful act, Ashwathama had to bear many  serious insults and a curse. South India: In the Southern part of India, the day of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated as Avani Avittam.

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