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Even now the scripts which are well known like Gurumukhi, Takri are derived from Sharada script.

The Sharada Script Sharada is an early Indic script that links the ancient Brahmi – believed to be the oldest script on the sub-continent - to the modern languages of … Originated in the valleys of Kashmir, Sharada Script was meant to write beautiful manuscripts.

Looking for the Unicode Script Sharada? Sharada script is the native script of Kashmir. It is named after Goddess Sharada (Goddess Saraswati) after which the famous shrine and ancient university of Shardapeetham was named. It was widely prevalent between 8th and 12th centuries. Sharada script is an writing system based on Brahmic family of scripts and was well flourished in Northern India especially Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab in 13 th century AD. Sharada texts have been widely found in Afghanistan; The Sharada inscriptions all seem to date to the 8th century CE.

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The empires crumble! The authorities change! Rakesh Koul and Smt. Civilizations form! Some of them are tangible while…

Interestingly, this aesthetic script also adorns the beauty of coins. A free webinar course to learn the Sharada Lipi, taught by Acharyas of the Core Sharda Team (Sri. Yet, many footprints are left behind.

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