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The bulk of film was sourced from the Media Blasters Blu-ray. I've found a version on YouTube that's got the same logo on a black background (slightly different animation but I can compensate for that); I'm not sure exactly how I'll go about replicating the animation but it shouldn't be too terribly hard. I've located pretty much all the materials I'll need; I'm just waiting on Jetrell Fo's color-corrected copy of the Blu-ray to upload so I can download it and use that as my main source. The pan across the aftermath of Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra and Manda's rampage through Tokyo ends sooner in the AIP version.

This website is dedicated to Toho and their films and characters, including Godzilla. The AIP Destroy All Monsters reconstruction is available now! A place for users to show off their creativity in the forms of art, music, movies or games. Auf YouTube findest du großartige Videos und erstklassige Musik. The AIP logo, main title card, "the end" title card and end credits have all been carefully digitally recreated. As Iggy explained it Asheton's signature style of playing not only the guitar but the amp is clearly evident in this clip. Destroy All Monsters featuring Ron Asheton of The Stooges on guitar, Niagara on vocals and well timed nap, Mike Davis of the MC5 on bass, Bill Frank of NonFiction on drums, and Charley Tysklind of the Blue Front Persuaders on Sax. The final shot of Ogasawara Island, there the "The End" title appears, is longer in the AIP version, and the title appears much later. The AIP version cuts the sign and goes straight from the wreckage to Katsuo. This clip was released on the day of the Ann Arbor tribute to Ron Asheton organized by his long time friend and fellow guitarist Scott Morgan. Most of these were filled in using the Siren audio, but there are a couple of points where both sources were missing material, meaning the finished reconstruction still has a gap in it. This version uses the audio from the Siren DVD, slowed down from PAL speed, for most of the audio; since that version was seemingly made from a TV print that cuts some of the more violent scenes, the audio sometimes reverts to the bootleg VHS audio, which has had its bass levels increased to better match the Siren DVD. (This was the edit noted above that was changed to a digital wipe.). Finally, the film's credits are displayed at the end over a black background, using the music cue that played under the opening credits in the Japanese version. I think I've got the ISO of the same boot you're talking about. Rest in Peace Ron! I know there's no audio; I didn't bother importing the Japanese audio track into the project since I'm just re-cutting the video to match the dub. Not one, but two shots of Minilla are cut from the battle with King Ghidorah: One as Mothra and Kumonga spray Ghidorah with silk and webbing, and one as Angilas loses his grip on Ghidorah's neck and falls to the ground. The bulk of film was sourced from the Media Blasters Blu-ray. Any reproduction, duplication or distribution of these materials is expressly prohibited. I'd be interested to see how the colors look compared to the Blu-ray; I was thinking about doing some kind of color correction on the MB footage seeing as it frankly looks pretty drab.

I don't know how I'd get it to you without a torrent. The scene transition from Dr. Otani aboard the SY-3 leaving Monsterland to him riding in the back of a car with Katsuo and Dr. Yoshida is altered; where the Japanese version used an optical wipe to transition from a close-up on Dr. Otani to a close-up of Katsuo that pans over to Otani and Yoshida, the AIP version cuts directly from Otani aboard the rocket to Otani in the car, keeping his face framed in almost the same spot. The AIP logo and title card appear over the background originally used for the Japanese title card, and the score picks up at the appropriate spot as well. Destroy All Monsters is a 1968 Japanese kaiju film directed by Ishirō Honda and written by Honda and Takeshi Kimura.

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