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Image Gallery He joined Cinder's faction and has been traveling with them since. Based on his fight with Pyrrha Nikos, he appears to test and gauge his opponent before fully committing to an attack, implying that he has a strategic mind. After Cinder arrives at the dance, having successfully completed her mission, Mercury dances with her and asks how her night was, to which she responds that it was much more exciting than expected. In "Lost", Emerald regrets leaving Cinder behind and considers that fact that she may not want to continue what she is doing without her. Mercury's appearance, his facial features in particular, is similar to that of, In the Japanese dubbed version, Mercury is voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa, who also voiced. Associate of Cinder FallServant of Salem This is further shown in "A Perfect Storm", when Raven Branwen rebuffs his attempt at intimidating her.

However, when it comes to matters at hand, Mercury displays a sense of seriousness and levelheadedness. In "Girls Rock! Merc When Yang returns from the vault with the Relic of Knowledge, Mercury assumes the worst for Cinder and tells Emerald they need to retreat. Judging from the nonchalant way he talks about killing Tukson, Mercury appears to have no qualms about intimidating others and killing, even light-heartedly joking about it afterward with Emerald.
In "Best Day Ever", Mercury is shown to be a rather carefree man who jokes around when in the company of Emerald, whom he makes an effort to annoy. Incompetent Minion. Despite his usual carefree demeanor, in "The Next Step", it is shown that Mercury does not take insults or disrespect well, responding to Watts' insults with an eagerness to attack him until Emerald stops him.

Cinder Fall • Emerald Sustrai • Mercury Black • Roman Torchwick • Neopolitan • Trouble Clef • Floyd the Geist • Mike and Marty • Cardin Winchester. At that moment, Adam Taurus appears and reassures them that they will listen to him. 1. ", Ruby Rose tries to remember Cinder's last name, resulting in visual puns. When Mercury finally unlocked his Semblance, Marcus stole it away and told him it would only make him weak. Apathy • Arma Gigas • Beowolves • Beringels • Berserker • Blind Worms • Boarbatusks • Centinels • Chill • Creeps • Death Stalkers • Drakes • Dromedons • Geists • Goliaths • Griffons • Horse Grimm • Imps • Jackalopes • King Taijitu • Lancers • Leviathan • Manticores • Megoliaths • Nevermore • Nuckelavee • Parasite Grimm • Ravagers • Sabyrs • Sea Feilong • Seers • Shadow Hands • Sphinxes • Spider Grimm • Sulfur Fish • Tentacle Grimm • Teryxes • Ursai • Whale Grimm • Wyvern • Ziraphs, Other

However, when it comes to matters at hand, Mercury drops this and focuses himself on the mission. During his battle with Yang, he shows deft skill by using his arms to weather Yang's skilled barrage of punches. In Volume 2, he was voiced by J.J. Castillo. It's posing as police officers! In "Lessons Learned", Mercury and Emerald are faced off with Coco Adel and Yatsuhashi Daichi of Team CFVY in the double match due to Cinder rigging the match up. Saved by Kenzie. He is later seen discussing Pyrrha's Semblance and skills with Emerald and Cinder in their dorm rooms, conveying his findings from their match. Type of Villain However, Mercury never got his Semblance back despite getting stronger and after killing his father, Mercury still has no chance of regaining it. ", he teams up with Roman, Neopolitan, and Emerald to attack Velvet Scarlatina, but is chased off and blasted by Jaune and Zwei dressed as superheroes.
He used his legs to block a massive strike from Yatsuhashi's sword that was powerful enough to cause the geyser field biome they were in to erupt; he did this while lying on his back where he had no leverage at all, and he took little damage to his Aura. Mercury's symbol, a winged boot, as well as his weapons, may be an allusion to the winged sandals of the mythological Mercury. Mercury dreams that he is a breakdancer and Cinder gives him a foot massage when he is done, even though his feet are mechanical. High quality Rwby Chibi gifts and merchandise. Mercury's legs emit the faint sound of servos when he walks.[4]. Seeing the plan was successful, Mercury leaves Ruby to grieve without further harming her, going back the way he came. They fight, but their battle is interrupted when Cinder impales Weiss Schnee. Mercury walking in with the Kitten Killer 9000. He can also use the boots to jump in midair by bringing his legs together and firing his boots simultaneously, boosting him forward and allowing him to achieve temporary flight. He gets upset when Watts mocks him, but is restrained by Emerald. Jax Asturias • Gillian Asturias • Rosa Schwein • Argento Pocoron • Carmine Esclados • Bertilak Celadon • Umber Gorgoneion • Green, Creatures of Grimm

set of boots equipped with a firing mechanism built into them, RWBY Chibi is an American anime -style comedy web series produced by Rooster Teeth Animation for Rooster Teeth. He also possesses, at the very least, capable marksmanship skills, being able to fire his Dust rounds efficiently despite the barrels being located near the soles of his boots, as shown when he fired a round at Yang before using his cyclone technique during their fight and when he shot Ruby's Scroll out of her hands during their confrontation. Pyrrha briefly uses her Semblance of polarity to manipulate Mercury's boots, throwing him off-balance. Mercury has a pair of robotic legs, which he acquired at some currently unknown point in time. This turned out to be a lie, and Mercury feels as though he has had to work harder than any other member of Salem's Inner Circle due to his stolen Semblance. He notes that the next matchup, Pyrrha versus Penny, will be chaotic due to Pyrrha's polarity and Penny's metal body.

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