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He concludes with a repeated charge to the children of men diligently to attend to the voice of God in his word (v. 32-36). America was great, and still has greatness, for one simple reason – God’s blessing. In order to this, here is,I. Of the infinite delight which the persons of the blessed Trinity have in each other, wherein consists much of the happiness of the divine nature. Quotes available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. "Read the word written, sit under the word preached, bless God for both, and hear him in both speaking to you.’’ Let children age, and what they hearken to then, it is likely, they will be so seasoned by as to be governed by all their days.

who are taught more than the beasts of the earth and made wiser than the fowls of heaven. But its difficulty is in dividing the blessings rightly (II Tim 2:15). Adam Smith only saw surface aspects of success in “The Wealth of Nations” in 1776. Before the habitable parts of the world, which men cultivate, and reap the profits of (v. 26), the fields in the valleys and plains, to which the mountains are as a wall, which are the highest part of the dust of the world; the first part of the dust (so some), the atoms which compose the several parts of the world; the chief or principal part of the dust, so it may be read, and understood of man, who was made of the dust of the ground and is dust, but is the principal part of the dust, dust enlivened, dust refined. They shall be happy in the success of their enquiries after him: "Those that seek me early, seek an acquaintance with me and an interest in me, seek me early, that is, seek me earnestly, seek me first before any thing else, that begin betimes in the days of their youth to seek me, they shall find what they seek.’’ Christ shall be theirs, and they shall be his.

The Word was eternal, and had a being before the world, before the beginning of time; and therefore it must follow that it was from eternity.

The fool self destructs.

It gives men good hearts, v. 13.

Verses 22-31 That it is an intelligent and divine person that here speaks seems very plain, and that it is not meant of a mere essential property of the divine nature, for Wisdom here has personal properties and actions; and that intelligent divine person can be no other than the Son of God himself, to whom the principal things here spoken of wisdom are attributed in other scriptures, and we must explain scripture by itself. (1.) From all this he infers that the right knowledge of those things, such as transforms us into the image of them, is to be preferred before all the wealth of this world (v. 10, v. 11): Receive my instruction, and not silver. 4. We had found out many inventions for our ruin; he found out one for our recovery. Those that love the Lord Jesus Christ in sincerity shall be beloved of him with a peculiar distinguishing love: he will love them and manifest himself to them. A divine sentence is in the lips of the king; and kings are to their subjects what he makes them.

Proverbs 8:18, ESV: "Riches and honor are with me, enduring wealth and righteousness." Use the buttons below to get details on the Hebrew word and view related Bible verses that use the same root word.

Verses 12-21 Wisdom here is Christ, in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge; it is Christ in the word and Christ in the heart, not only Christ revealed to us, but Christ revealed in us. To get what Proverbs 8:18 means based on its source text, scroll down or follow these links for the original scriptural meaning , biblical context  and relative popularity. This page was last modified on September 15, 2017, at 5:20 AM.

Before the mountains were, the everlasting mountains, v. 25. True wisdom leads God’s children to a wonderful life now and eternal life to come (Ps 73:23-24; Mark 10:29-31). The precepts of wisdom may easily be known; for, 1. The best exposition of these verses we have in the first four verses of St. John’s gospel.

They are proclaimed from on high (v. 2): She stands in the top of high places; it was from the top of Mount Sinai that the law was given, and Christ expounded it in a sermon upon the mount.

but to you, O men! They shall have that which is infinitely better, if they have not riches and honour in this world (v. 19): "My fruit is better than gold, and will turn to a better account, will be of more value in less compass, and my revenue better than the choicest silver, will serve a better trade.’’ We may assure ourselves that not only Wisdom’s products at last, but her income in the mean time, not only her fruit, but her revenue, is more valuable than the best either of the possessions or of the reversions of this world.4. The happiness of those that love God, and devote themselves to his service, is substantial and satisfactory. The word of God is two-fold, and, in both senses, is wisdom; for a word without wisdom is of little value, and wisdom without a word is of little use. Those are blessed that watch and wait at Wisdom’s gates; even their attendance there is their happiness; it is the best place they can be in. Of the satisfaction they had in each other, with reference to the great work of man’s redemption. All divine revelation is, We have here the application of Wisdom’s discourse; the design and tendency of it is to bring us all into an entire subjection to the laws of religion, to make us wise and good, not to fill our heads with speculations, or our tongues with disputes, but to rectify what is amiss in our hearts and lives. They are right things (v. 6), all in righteousness (v. 8), and nothing froward or perverse in them. 5. Play Audio: Wisdom is the surest way to wealth and reputation for nations and persons. (2.)

The success she brings is of an enduring sort based on righteousness. He is the wonderful counsellor and gives that grace which alone is sound wisdom. They are superior to wealth, and they ought to be sought diligently (Matt 6:19-21,33; 13:44-46). He was no less active when, on the second day, he stretched out the firmament, the vast expanse, and set that as a compass upon the face of the depth (v. 27), surrounded it on all sides with that canopy, that curtain. Wisdom explains herself (v. 23): I was set up from everlasting. It is not enough to hearken unto Wisdom’s words, but we must keep her ways (v. 32), do every thing that she prescribes, keep within the hedges of her ways, and not transgress them, keep in the tracks of her ways, proceed and persevere in them.

16:9 . They are directed to the children of men.
All their happiness they have as heirs; it is grounded upon their sonship. The Father delighted in the Son, as Mediator between him and man, was well-pleased with what he proposed (Mt. Of the pleasure which the Father took in the operations of the Son, when he made the world; God saw every thing that the Son made, and, behold, it was very good, it pleased him, and therefore his Son was daily, day by day, during the six days of the creation, upon that account, his delight, Ex. (1.) This general rule for nations and men is the primary thrust of the book, the chapter, and this proverb.

(1.) About Proverbs 8. 4. He was also employed in the third day’s work, when the waters above the heavens, were gathered together by establishing the clouds above, and those under the heavens by strengthening the fountains of the deep, which send forth those waters (v. 28), and by preserving the bounds of the sea, which is the receptacle of those waters, v. 29. Every word of God is true; there are not so much as pious frauds in it, nor are we imposed upon in that which is told us for our good.

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