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Mustard's second Dojo challenge tasks you with finding some Max Mushrooms for the special Max Soup the Dojo so loves to cook. The following locations are confirmed to spawn them: 1.1 Price; 1.2 Effect. 3 clusters of Max Mushrooms can be used to create a Max Soup in Master Dojo, which allows or disallows a Pokémon to Gigantamax. As explained … Once you pick up a Max Mushroom, it will disappear.

Max Mushrooms are a type of item introduced in Sword and Shield The Isle of Armor Expansion Pass in Generation VIII. 1 In the core series games.

However, more mushrooms will spawn after you complete a certain number of Max Raid Battles. Contents. Our Max Mushroom Pokemon guide will show how to find the 'shrooms you're looking for on the Isle of Armor. Check Out Max Raid Battles Here! When used on a Pokémon during battle, it raises all stats of a Pokémon by one stage each. We're not sure the exact number yet, so your best bet is just to do as many as you can and check for respawns! Dai Mushroom: Pokémon Global Link artwork: Introduced in Generation VIII Pocket Generation VIII Battle Items Max Mushrooms (Japanese: ダイキノコ Dai Mushroom) are an item that was introduced in Generation VIII. How To Find Max Mushroom For 2nd Trial Max Mushroom Locations Max Soup requires three clusters of Max Mushrooms, a new item that can be found in various areas around the Isle of Armor. Finding the Isle of Armor Max Mushroom locations is a key mechanic in the new Pokemon Sword and Shield expansion if you hope to Gigantamax your Pokemon in battle, but where can you find them? Max Mushrooms will have a chance of spawning at various locations around the Isle of Armor map after the player does a Max Raid Battles.

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