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The Pope apologized, even asking forgiveness: “I would like to say a word about the ‘Pachamama’ statues that were removed from the Church at Traspontina, which were there without idolatrous intentions and were thrown into the Tiber. The writer hasn’t the spine required to tackle the subject. The second factor is the silence of Pope Francis on the matter. I included a link to the Encyclopedia Britannica entry on “Pachamama,” which simply says “Andean deity.” When I informed the Bishop about this, he merely said, “Happy Holy Week.” That’s it.In the same encyclopedia’s entry on “Nature Worship,” Pachamama is described as the “Andean earth-mother figure…worshiped by the Peruvians.” In the entry on “Bolivia,” we find this line: “Some characteristics of pantheistic pre-Columbian religion have survived in the Indian communities of the Altiplano, especially the worship of Pachamama, the goddess of the Earth.” [Emphasis added] In an entry on “Inca religion,” we read that “Earth was called Pachamama (Paca Mama), or Earth Mother.” contains these words in its entry on Pachamama: “Pachamama, the earth mother goddess of the Incas. No surprise. A lot of talk about self-evident idolatrous statues in Catholic circles all around the world. An altar of cement sits beneath the cross. "He and his wife would like to start a prayer call for him. Chaput remarks on “media lethargy” in coverage of Gosnell trial. As the situation heated up, the questions compounded, but answers were not forthcoming. Directly behind the large cross to the right, situated below the hill, is a small town called Cullpa Alta. Share on email. Even that statement was apparently not intended to be public. Other political figures have followed suit. On the hill sits Cruz de la Paz, which means the Cross of Peace. The pagan altar at the foot of the cross. I pray for them every single day on my Rosary, because they will be held to account, and I want them in Heaven.He shall remain anonymous, but my friend has agreed to share his “Testimony Against Pachamama” with the world. The Dispatch I somehow missed this last week. He condemns the worship of the pagan symbol Pachamama and calls for prayer and reparation. They were featured prominently in memes, were the subject of fierce social media debate among Catholics, and from their first appearance, speculation about their significance ran rampant. On Friday the pope announced that they had been recovered, apologized to anyone offended by their submersion in the Tiber’s waters, and said they might make an appearance at Sunday’s closing Mass for the synod. It is socialism/Marxism which is “devil’s dung” and prevents millions from rising out of the “bad thing”.

I am certain your feudal lords will reward you for your loyalty. Here is an article from an environmentalist website that explains the Andean pagan fertility goddess Pachamama. The episode of the statuettes of an idol venerated in the capital of Christendom is revealing. But at least three times, Vatican officials or synod participants were asked about the statues and the rituals and spirituality expressions in which they were involved. It is regrettable that there were apparently no readily available wood chippers, which would have returned the material in the idols to Mother Earth as quickly as current technology makes possible, without the production of any carbon dioxide. Vatican officials did not refute that charge.

The priest was asked about a ceremony held in St. Peter’s Basilica Oct. 7, which seemed to use both traditional Christian symbols and unexplained symbols of indigenous Amazonian culture. Please validate your claim of “calumny” against Pope Francis. This article seems to be over-complicating the situation and creating a mystery where none exists. What is an idol doing in a holy place? Are we stronger than he? So they were really, truly statues of Pachamama, the Mother Earth goddess. Les champs obligatoires sont marqués d'une étoile *. Francis knows South America very well and knows how to call a spade, a spade. In other words, tribute to a pagan culture with its rites, beliefs and idols. Comms fiasco on final Friday of Amazon Synod, Pope asks for focus on ‘diagnosis’ of Amazon synod report; warns against “elite Christians” focusing on the “little things”. Pray for him.". There was a procession, a dance, a small sanctuary where the dancing procession of Pachamama worshipers prostrated themselves ostentatiously on all fours in front of two wooden statues representing naked and pregnant women—not to mention the presence of a phallic figure lying on his back.

First of all, this happened in Rome and, as bishop of the diocese, I ask pardon of the people who were offended by this act.”. He is from South America, he knows exactly who Pachamama is, and he knows exactly how Evo Morales and the Marxist movement employ Pachamama. Questions went mostly unanswered. Unfortunately, it seems that many Catholic journalists are not willing or able to face reality. 100% clean air is useless if we are reduced to the level of cavemen-but then, if that did happen, we would all be “equal” and enjoy “income equality”. Print. Andrea Tornielli, editorial director of the Dicastery for Communication in the Vatican, is trying to justify the unjustifiable, even quoting St. Francis of Assisi and Cardinal Newman, whose faith he so much defiles like an unholy, zealous missionary.

NEWS. They have been inside St. Peter’s Basilica, at an Amazonian stations of the cross, and at many other events surrounding the Amazon synod. They have made a power-grab and the fact that people don’t like what they do does not concern them. Some of that speculation was uninformed and reactionary. But social media is the Wild West, for better or worse. Next we will be met with a deliberately ambiguous publication by which the homosexual element of the Catholic Church can claim validation in some murky ambiguity, where women can claim some authority to priesthood or where anyone can claim anything they want – because it is meaningless. Throughout this debacle, I kept having a vague memory about having heard about this “Pachamama” before. Fr. Suess responded. At the synod, they are symbols of controversy. I refer chiefly to Archbishop Viganò, whose August 2018 Testimony exposed to an unprecedented degree the amount of corruption and perversion currently at work in the Church, and at the behest of many of Her most powerful prelates, including Pope Francis himself. comments powered by Disqus.

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