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When he comes back out, his mentor is on the floor. What did you feel like after wakingn up?

Some of it is painfully bad. We cut back to when Miran was not frozen yet and is dancing in her room to an Old Hong Kong mambo dance. Because we must tune in for the final week, we leave our leads locked in turmoil and on the precipice of death. the assistant runs and closes the window, then he turns off the defrost process or something. Cut to an award show where the best TV show program is about to be awarded. A man walks in a dark corridor in a building with high ceilings. On the side, Dong-chan wonders what kind of woman this is? Their romance feels forced compared to the other two relationships. Sad. Where were they going? Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. Ultimately, it's basic, mindless fun with pretty strong leads (seriously, I suspect they'll be carrying this whole thing on their shoulders), and enough nuggets of intrigue that could theoretically keep the flow of a story going. Oh, this bit should be puce? i am with you. On the positive side, Ji Chang-wook's absence from dramaland did not affect his ability to give "the look" and the director made sure we saw that. The capsule is a new metal. I love Ji Chang-wook and Won Jin-ah and they do have chemistry together but I kind of wish they didn't try to do a romance between them. I mean there are cringy moments but i think thats what makes this drama (basing on 1st episode) so funny! js.src = "//"; FB.init({ Few words exist to express my relief at dropping this awful show. js = d.createElement(s); = id;

And I reealllly like Ji Chang Wook... and Hongki... and I kinda wish he had been frozen too so we could keep him in the show.... *tears*. It was surprisingly better that way. Did you find us? I agree with you. LOL! But maybe they can pull it off in the episodes moving forward! When he said that - ugh, the feels! But the writer already had these issues in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. Melting Me Softly: Episodes 7-8 Open Thread by missvictrix.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal But gurl, keeping your temperature at a specific evel is a matter of life and death. It'll probably be the first to drop if I get busy, but I'll stick to it for now. FB.init({ But Miran’s head appears and she gives the thumbs up. - But really, the drama mostly cares about the fumbling and heart racing and attraction between Dong-chan and Mi-ran. I guess it is the choice of script and its execution. Tags: Im Won-hee, Ji Chang-wook, Lee Hong-ki, Melting Me Softly, Shim Hyung-tak, Won Jin-ah, Yoon Se-ah he has a bit of dopamine when I see others like me. Cut to her talking to a fortune teller about it. You will receive a link to create a new password via email. The channel is not the issue here, it's...everything else. or They sure rushed through the 20 year freezing setup quickly and there's still some shady things we don't know involving the mysterious folks who sabotaged the doctor's work in the past. OPPA!!!" How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Ma Dong-chan keeps filming and then gives the okay sign. And he still saw her as a woman after all that time (it's only the betrayal that changed his feelings)! If you like what you see then consider whitelisting us from your adblocking software so we can keep doing what we do! Cant wait for tomorrows episode when they wake-up after 20yrs.

Oh, she's good-hearted, down-to-earth, poor and not very bright?

They say that she majored in Chinese because she liked that actor.

And Ha Neul was discharged from military just around the time JCW got out, too. She speaks a bit of Chinese to her parents who really don’t care. Someone mentioned it in the comments here but it is almost like the previews give too much info. . They ask if his girlfriend is there, so he nods in a direction in the audience where she smiles at him and stands and then goes to the stage. Healer!! His girlfriend calls right then and says that they can meet in front of the movie theater. BOWING to MissVictrix prose : Birthday party scene had me in stitches! I did enjoy the meta of 1999 Dong Chan talking about variety directors one day directing dramas. This movie might be called Christmas in August.

etc, etc. Yes, there was no time spent between his feelings for his fiancee and Mi-ran. He has a hard time finding volunteers. It hasn't got me. I’m glad the drama looks like, if nothing else, it will be a really fun and well-cut role for him — and he’s really giving it everything he’s got. Required fields are marked *. Premiere Watch: Miss Lee, Melting Me Softly, Temperatures are heating up for Ji Chang-wook, Won Jin-ah in tvN’s Melting Me Softly, Ji Chang-wook and Won Jin-ah thaw up in teasers for sci-fi romance drama Melt Me, Lee Moo-saeng joins Ji Chang-wook drama Melt Me, Yoon se-ah to play Ji Chang-wook’s first love in Melt Me, Ji Chang-wook to return to dramaland as cryogenic man for tvN, LT is Irresistibly Indifferent, Dame Judi. Miran likes the sound of that, so they keep taking the photos. I wanted to like the show more, and I'm strangely...hmm...relieved? I don't know man, but you need some better guidance for your future work because this is not good. For all its flaws, SWDBS at least attempted to be a discussion about power and misogynism. But it does have enough redeeming qualities that I'll be back for a little more to see where it plans to go. It's in the manual.

I honestly went into this drama with low expectations, and it was better than I thought, but still super slow and wonky storytelling.

Giving Kdrama recommendations is such a serious responsibility. I thought the premiere laid a solid foundation of characters and heart.
They wonder if they have to wait for him to stop crying? Dong-chan tells him he is out. A verification email has been sent to your new email address.

The identity of four others are anonymous. , At first I read that as "why the quilting...". Truth! he says that is a good dream. Like I said last week, this scene wasn’t all that exciting, and everyone at the broadcasting station is way more surprised than you might expect, since I can’t think how half of them know who this guy even is. But it is only ketchup. No high expectations so if it does better, it's good. Dropped on the second episode, but keep on checking these recaps just to make sure I'm not really missing anything (and to check out the screengrabs and bask in JCW's pretiness... that kiss!
It’s a magical moment when he understood that her smile melts his heart ( after heart breaking conversation with his ex, who he looooooved so much) and she just went straight from he is annoying to oh wow I actually like him.

Why do the leads have to be romantically involved. Funny thing is, even ffw through most of the sloggy, badly managed plot "development", you can still pretty much get what's supposed to be going on. Agree that the transition from the leads waking up in a lab in a remote place to somehow appearing clothed and in downtown Seoul was just head-scratching... surely more could have been explored there. Hyun-ki and the other guy are there with them.

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