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Its capital is Asadabad.

It depicts the story of an American platoon at COP Honaker Miracle, Pesh valley, Kunar Province. Its caipital is Asadabad. It is ane o the fower "N2KL" provinces (Nangarhar Province, Nuristan Province, Kunar Province an Laghman Province).

Districts: Asadabad, Asmar, Chapa Dara, Chawki, Dangam, Ghazi Abad, Khas Kunar, Marawara, Narang, Narai, Noor Gul, Pech, Sarkand, Shaikal Shatel, Sirkanay, Watapor.1.

Although the vast majority of them throughout the subcontinent were written in Prakrit, Afghanistan is notable for the inclusion of 2 Greek and Aramaic ones alongside the court language of the Mauryans. Kunar province is located in the northeast of Afghanistan. Politically active in Sherzad, Surk Rod and Pachir Wa districts. Kunar (Pashto: کونړ) is one of the 34 provinces of Afghanistan, located in the northeastern part of the country. [16][17][18] Anti-Coalition Militia activity in the region was carried out at the time most notably by a small group led by a local man named Ahmad Shah (from Nangarhar Province) who had aspirations of regional Islamic fundamentalist prominence, hence he and his small group would be one of the primary targets of the operation. Kunar Province is located in eastern Afghanistan, on the Afghanistan - Pakistan border. Adamec suggests they were forcibly settled in valley above Narang by Abdur Rahman.4 View the Shinwari Tribal Tree, Kunar Safays are the largest and most powerful of the province’s Pashtun tribes and live primarily in the Pech Valley region. It was part of the War on Terror and to assist the new government that was led by Hamid Karzai. It has 175 kilometers long border with Pakistan at the south and southeast. His replacement is not currently known. Additionally, representatives of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), US State and Agriculture Departments advise the local government. Map/Infographic Type: Reference Maps. The population of approximately 380,000 is primarily Pashtun, with 5% Nuristani and other minorities. Walter Hamilton’s writing in 1828 mentions that the padishah of Cooner was joined in alliance with the neighboring Kafirs (non Muslims) of Nuristan in battles against Muslim invaders. The primary geographic features of the province are (1) the lower Hindu Kush mountains which are cut by the Kunar River to form the Kunar Valley.

All law enforcement activities throughout the province are controlled by the Afghan National Police (ANP). He was born in Maidan Wardak in 1968 and was a commander in the struggle against the Soviet Union from 1988 to 1992. Maintains a muted, ethno-nationalist rhetoric. Part of a political alliance called Jabahai Tafahim Millie or National Understanding Front. Location(s): Kunar. [citation needed] He also describes agriproducts citron, oranges, coriander, orchards, strong yellow wines, and a burial custom wherein a woman whose corpse moved was considered to have done good things in life.

The city of Asadabad is the capital of Kunar. The ANP is backed by other Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF), including the NATO-led forces.

The region has been part of many empires in the past, from the Maurya Empire to the latest Afghan Durrani Empire. Compounding the problems of the province is an extensive cross-border trade in contraband which includes lumber, semi-precious stones and other natural resources. Like many of the mountainous eastern provinces of Afghanistan, the groups involved in armed conflict vary greatly in strength and purpose. Actively opposed to US-led and Afghan national forces. He also describes agriproducts citron, oranges, coriander, orchards, strong yellow wines, and a burial custom wherein a woman whose corpse moved was considered to have done good things in life.

This page was last modified on 31 May 2016, at 02:38. Kunar is the center of the N2KL region. Another strong militia in the region is the Hezbi Islami faction of the late Mulavi Younas Khalis, who had his headquarters in neighboring Nuristan Province. The 2010 documentary Restrepo was filmed in the Korengal Valley of Kunar Province. [10][15], In 2005 Operation Red Wings set out with the intent to disrupt ACM activity in the region in order to further aid the stabilization efforts of the region for the upcoming September 18, 2005 Afghan National Parliamentary Elections. Eventually one of the Mujahideen leaders, Jamil al-Rahman, formed a movement that had a very strict interpretation of Islam, along the lines of Wahhabism and/or Salafism. [10], Kerala, a town near Asadabad, was the site of the 1979 Kerala Massacre, where the male population of a village was allegedly murdered by the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan and its Soviet advisors. National Pashtun party, led by Finance Minister Dr. Anwar Ul-haq Ahadi. Special Operations Forces operate extensively throughout the area. Kunar has always been a crucible of conflict. Originally a mujahideen group which was split with Hekmatyar’s Hezb-e Islami under the leadership of Yunus Khalis. by G.P. It was part of the War on Terror and to assist the new government that was led by Hamid Karzai. It is one of the four "N2KL" provinces (Nangarhar Province, Nuristan Province, Kunar Province and Laghman Province). It is said to be written in excellent Classical Greek, using sophisticated philosophical terms. Carratelli) Commerce, art, and architecture (seen especially in the construction of stupas) developed during this period. [citation needed] The rugged border area has many illegal and hidden crossing points making Kunar a high traffic route for illegal arms transporting, insurgent movement as well as other smuggling activities as mentioned above. Some British sources from the Great Game period (1800s) go into more detail about Kunar.

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