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Thanks for the recs! Some we recognize easily; others are unknown or forgotten. A detailed description of life in Antigua at the height of slavery from the planter’s perspective; includes descriptions of the town, country, a visit from the Prince of Wales, the balls, a funeral, the extravagant lifestyle, the arrival of a slave ship, slave management, slave recreation, the market etc. Andrews is originally from Greece. 2000. Alice is ever one of the more stimulating writers I’ve found, stimulating in that reading her work is not a passive exercise, it makes you think, feel, engage, write, and even without all that, there is enough truth here that I couldn’t dismiss it even if I had a mind to: To acknowledge our ancestors means
The Caribbean Writer Volume 26 published by the University of the Virgin Islands Save Me the Plums by Ruth Reichl 2008. Poems to make you ponder, as Angelique Nixon’s Occupying Dissent Long Time if we haven’t in fact gone back to sleep despite its assertion that this is our time and its challenge to “us to stay woke together”; poems like ARM’s that make you marvel at the way she grounds the poems with earth-bound details – “rain-soaked clothes (clinging) to her frame. When Grandma Comes to Stay (When Family Comes to Stay Book 1) -A family with young children is filled with joy and excitement when they find out that their grandmother is coming to stay with them for a while. The refinery will then serve as a storage terminal. Heinemann. Born in 1994, 2007. Deborah Eckert grew up in a military family that came to feel at home anywhere they were posted, relishing whatever they could learn and experience from other people and lands. John Steinbeck, The Moon is Down (188) If you’re looking for reads with good lessons, you can’t go wrong here – for instance when Mio promises to stay by his dying friend’s side because the love and companionship of a good friend is worth more than glory. An updated version of this book, with all new illustrations by Danielle Boodoo Fortune and activities is available as of 2017 on the Caribbean Reads imprint. She died in 2012 at 88 years.

In this charming and poetic family story set in Jamaica, Commonwealth Prize-winning author Olive Senior shows young readers the power of determination, as Anna achieves her goal and overcomes her fear. Ashley Bryan’s Puppets – Beloved storyteller and creator Ashley Bryan reveals the vibrant spirit of found objects in this magnificent treasury of poetry and puppets. Sonalli also launched something called the Quickfire Design competition in 2014 and runs a graphic arts summer camp. Yes I completely agree with your recommendation for Milkman. I can’t place my finger on exactly what it is that makes this book so captivating but I highly recommend recommend it. Time and time again, we hear stories, tales, words of Wisdom about the love of woman leading to the death of man, the pathway to a life of doom, and the absolute perish of our way of life should we choose to pursue, woman. CreateSpace. Every page, I was like, “no, she didn’t! Dingwall Resources Ltd. Canada. Though the mission was largely a failure, her husband was credited with producing the first published grammar of Ga and Fante in 1764. Thank you for reading. Her earlier work as a child care provider in the Atlanta area helped to foster the unequivocal love and admiration that she has for children. Born in Antigua, resident in America, Lauchland is a poet and former member of the marine corps who also holds a PhD in engineering sciences. New Season Books. 1973. 1993. And British writer, Morgan’s project is nothing short of a Carnival ride with its jolts and wide turns, stomach dropping plummets and more. 2020. This is the fourth book in the Lion family series. Effortless Style (w/illustrator Aimee Levy and contributor Richard Buskin). Not just figuratively. Let me say this, this book isn’t just for writers and though it’s fairly Jamaican-centric, it’s not just for people from Yard. In 2010, she received first-honourable mention in the Scarborough Arts Council’s inaugural Writer’s Month literary competition. Dr. Regina Vincent Clark is a writer/poet living in Antigua, West Indies. Now Three People Want To Find The Killer. Bryan submitted 8 original art pieces to the library to serve as the core of the art collection, and the series has attracted award winning authors and illustrators whose work reflects African culture to the library, creating a long lasting effect on the community. Insomniac Press. To exchange the hard English winter for genial warmth, and all the richness of tropical nature, is not only pleasant in itself, but must be conducive to the maintenance or restoration of mental and bodily health. Farrar Straus Giroux. … Annie Gwen Lilly Pam and Tulip emblematizes not only the thematics of Caribbean girlhood, erotic play, nostalgia, and colonialism that run throughout Kincaid’s work, it also exemplifies the range of her experimentation and interest—perhaps most manifest in her gardening and plant collecting work but also, in and beyond those, her willingness to try collaborative projects, to accept invitations into the world of fine art like that represented by the Whitney, to, in her words, “take, just take” what colonial and neo-colonial traditions lay out and make them, inimitably, her own.’ (Source: A is for Jamaica Kincaid’s Annie, Gwen, Lilly, Pam, and Tulip (1983) by Keja Valens @kvalens in the Caribbean Literary Heritage online project on forgotten or little known Caribbean books). As Eden and Declan work together on the case, the chemistry between them gets harder to deny. Annie, Gwen, Lilly, Pam and Tulip. USA. Chapter 1 – The Beginning; Chapter 2 – Hurricane David; Chapter 3 – Arrival in Antigua; Chapter 4 – The World at Work; Chapter 5 – IHI Investigation; Chapter 6 – Change of Government; Chapter 7 – Multiple Homicide in Antigua; Chapter 8 – Family Life; Chapter 9 – Senior Command Course 2009; Chapter 10 – Prince of the City Explores; Chapter 11 – Regional Recognition Awards; Chapter 12 – When Logic Defy Intellect; Chapter 13 – Through the Lens; Chapter 14 – Deterrent Verses Punishment. Many Victorian Christmas customs that endure today originated in Germany. HarperCollins. Scrimshaw Press. Rose is one of those hard truths about the business articles for those of you thinking of being writers. As they get to know each other, Andy refuses to share what he has been doing since graduating from college. 2019. She was born and raised in Canada but her second home is Antigua and Barbuda which has 365 beautiful beaches and the best carnival in the world. He also taught Journalism, Speech Communication, and Theater before becoming Director of the Reichhold Center for the Arts. I wasn’t sure where to place this but I figure here’s as good a place as any and something all of us writers need to hear at some point. 1962. Book: A Desperate Cry: Seeking an Eternal Change. In 2017, it was excerpted in Collins Revision Course – English A – a Concise Revision Course for CSEC. It is inspired by The Ten Bulls progression of short poems and accompanying pictures used in Zen Buddhism to illustrate stages of enlightenment. The Great Believers by Rebecca Makkai Regina says she seeks to let her light shine so that others will see the works of the Heavenly Father. I can’t express how much I loved that book. The Great Black North: Contemporary African Canadian Poetry [edited by Valerie Mason-John and Kevan Anthony Graham], Frontenac House Ltd., Canada, 2013. A moment’s indiscretion leaves Eden filled with regret–but also with a lasting memento of their time together. When Grandma Comes to Stay (When Family Comes to Stay Book 1) (w/Faye France, co-author and Jayamini Attanayake, illustrator). Secret Baby Seduction: BWWM Interracial Romance (A Bundle of Joy Book 4). Swimming styles may differ, but they all celebrate being together in such a beautiful place. 1999. Brentwood Christian Press, Columbus, Georgia. UK. She’s performed at Russell Simmonds Def Poetry Jam on HBO and is a member of the Obsidian Theatre’s Playwrights Unit. She was named Tourism Ambassador of Antigua in 2008. 1979. The shortlist of seven works for the 2014 International Dylan Thomas Prize, the world’s biggest literary prize for young writers, was announced in the poet’s home town of Swansea – in his centenary year – on the evening of Thursday 4 September. I have mixed (like 65/35) feelings about Prince Lestat. How to Thrive in Trying Times presents a profound message of hope pointing to the key elements necessary to regain focus and joy. Williams (1874-1922) was a singer, dancer, entertainer, and comedian who reigned as king of blackface. His inability to settle down made her think of a possibility that it may not have been him at all but the pyjamas. Her writing also appears in several anthologies and various international publications. Just One More Time (Falling Like a Johnson Book 3). Her pioneering presence continued when her commentary on urban life and love in Toronto made her the winner of the CBC National Poetry Face-Off with her nationally acclaimed poem ‘Connect the T.Dots’. Covering a range of topics crucial to the Caribbean’s economic, social and political development, Antigua Vision looks at the struggle to build a single Caribbean nation and maintain a place in international politics; the Caribbean’s cautious relationship with the US; and the importance of cricket to the West Indian psyche, among other issues. Basically a missing girl story/mystery that is unraveled by way of an investigative journalist who shares his findings on a podcast. Not even a Facebook appeal helps solve the mystery of who she is and where she comes from. Adults will enjoy it, teenagers (it’s intended audience) will be able to relate to it, but as the boy is on the line between boyhood and young adult hood, younger boys may enjoy taking the ride with the boy as well. Her pioneering presence continued when her commentary on urban life and love in Toronto made her the winner of the CBC National Poetry Face-Off with her nationally acclaimed poem ‘Connect the T.Dots’. The truth for most writers can be a lot more bleak; but as my mother is always saying nothing happen before it’s time…yeah that and wha fu you is fu you. 2019. Selected Books:

She has since gone on to pursue studies in law.
He is a writer of essays, fiction, and poetry. It was announced by musician and radio presenter Cerys Matthews, one of the judges for the Prize.

Bothism is an experimental Sufi text. silver sand, cobalt sky, warm turquoise sea. With Mr. Fitch and Me and Other Stories, Weldon Turner gives us six stories of extraordinary depth and remarkable insight into the human spirit. Tiny Pig’s Alphabet Book (Tiny Island Stories). This book will teach you how to identify your mission and vision, how to assess your strengths, what kind of people to surround yourself with and you will be challenged with weekly activities to put what you learn into practice. Ministry of Education and Culture. Book: Metamorphosis: Love and Life in Antigua, Poetry by Blue. She has since told modified versions of ‘The Dancing Pyjamas’ to countless children, all of whom ask for it over and over again.

1989. The Geology of Antigua. The Cat’s Purr – Cat and Rat are friends, but when Rat tricks Cat and plays the cat drum, which only cats may play, Cat ends up swallowing the drum, and that is how he got his purr. Find out more about Alex, Peter and Ruth and the year they spent on a real-life, working Victorian Farm.

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