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That's capitalism, blaming Gray is fair, but it's not why things like crunch happen and get perpetuated.

They need to be very careful, because right now RT's public image is in jeopardy. We aren’t sure if the best course of action is to buy another microphone since putting it between us doesn’t seem to be working. Can't write Qrow out now the same way you could Glynda back then. So no one doing it or enabling it really saw it as being a problem at all, until it became a huge issue and (from their perspective) they were suddenly blindsided by accusations that they were terrible, exploitative people.

Roman Torchwick (RWBY)Locus (Red vs. Blue)Leon (gen:LOCK)Rusty Bonjour (X-Ray & Vav)Billy Zane\Willy Zane (Sex Swing) Hence why he doesn't bring those up at all barring just that June "... was June.". If they start losing talent (VA's and the like), then they're truly fucked. News. But what it sounds like is "Oh well, I got exploited, so it was fine when I exploited other people". Massive Shakeup in Top Management at Rooster Teeth New roles for longtime RT personalities as Jordan Levin becomes GM By Richard Whittaker, 4:05PM, Tue.

So their "RT source" knows less than random fans know. When an animator leaves, most of the team is still there and they can roughly keep the same lvel of quality once a new one is quickly hired.

Trying to sift through the noise to bring the readers the facts. Also, if I am a random Redditor who doesn't trust her, why would current/ex Rooster Teeth employees trust them? Where on any of this did any of this indicate that this is a goodbye note? Copyright 2018, Bounding Into Comics. RWBY!

If they have to cut back it would be best for the people who wanted to do other stuff (like Max and Ellie) to voluntarily leave, especially if they have other stuff work on, which will allow RT to move positions around and lay off less people. Career Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 2) Her first source is 4chan and she documents her "journalism" in a Google doc. Outside of Rooster Teeth, he is known for voicing characters from other anime and video games. If anything, it might be more accurate for the reverse to be true - at least in the video game industry, the larger studios and publishers are the ones most likely to be exploiting the hell out of staff. I heard that Rooster Teeth is going the way of EA and Konami in the way it screws things up by biting off more than it could chew. [5] However, he claims he was already transitioning out, and his work as an independent contractor would probably lead to more gigs with RT.[6]. Redirecting to I’ve worked in some pretty horrific places and even I don’t go around leaving glass door reviews. All wrapped up and done. Related: Rooster Teeth to Close Australian Online Store, Citing High Costs and Low Demand for Product.

American On January 10th, Kedward, who served as a lead animator on Red vs Blue, RWBY Chibi, and the core RWBY series, tweeted that his time at Rooster Teeth was “all wrapped up and done” while also alluding to “all the bad” that had apparently defined his last days with the company, stating that he was “going to be taking the longest, deepest sigh and just relax.”. Warner Media are big enough to be running their business without exploiting their employees and contractors. Now, as a reasonable person you would think the next thing that follows is "But obviously when I got in charge I did my best to stop that". Read the sources because not giving them a view lol. (seasons 2-3) Posted by 1 year ago. Who are these people? Look at Page 6: Now looking at his twitter post, it really rubs me the wrong way that he blended in as well and that strikes me as almost a bit sociopathic.

[3] Their complaints revolved around general mismanagement, Crunching, (the act of forcing employees to work overtime right before a release), and over reliance on contract workers who would be promised permanent work but then let go. Gray's wife, Lara Toner, is also an actress, and has a cameo in gen:LOCK. It may affect the quality, but that's only subjective, and you won't know until after you've watched the volume. Related: Rooster Teeth Announces Jordan Levin as New CEO, Major Management Changes After Company Laid Off 13% of Employees. If anything, part of what created the crunch culture in RT might be the fact that all of the founders were so used to doing literally everything themselves, and then eventually delegated to people who worked the same way, so they wound up passing that small business mentality on to leadership even after the company as a whole grew to large business levels. Rooster Teeth CEO Apologizes for poor work conditions. She appears to be a YouTuber who mainly posts reaction videos and the occasional RWBY analysis with less than 2,000 views. Doesn't that seem suspicious?

Allegedly, no one outside the animation department had any idea that Gray was slave driving the animators, and the animators were too afraid of him to tell HR about it. One thing I really don't understand about this statement is that at the beginning he openly acknowledges that basically when he was a contractor he was massively over-worked and went way beyond contracted hours.

At this point, I have no reason to trust her. Caboose’s Guide!

Occupation Imagine if one of the main 4 RWBY VA's decided to leave like Kathleen did. The season debuted on October 22, 2016.

@Reika if animators and producers are leaving, then that’s already bad enough. Born The only reason nobody's panicking is because the people they're losing are animators, producers, and editors. This whole post smells of bullshit and was a giant waste of time. You have no way of knowing which animator is providing what content in which scene.

The series was first announced with a brief teaser at RTX Austin 2018. 7 years 3) I mentioned the Kerry fallacy. They give no intro and no credibility.

This is unnecessary to mention, and the only reason they would say this is to get people to ask for that video aka make a new video aka more money. ", People on the outside can look and go "Dude, you're being exploited", but often in a lot of cases living through something normalizes it for you, to the point where you accept it as being normal or just don't see anything wrong with it. Gray has since become a producer and writer on Camp Camp, writer and director for Gen:LOCK, and the voice actor for Roman Torchwick from RWBY, Locus from Red vs. Blue, Rusty Bonjour from X-Ray and Vav and Billy\Willy Zane from Sex Swing. They aren't even the next parent company along. Calxiyn and Hunter? Fact is that this wasn't intended as a goodbye note. There is both Ellation and Otter Media before you get to Warner. 3 Seasons of RWBY Chibi If a VA leaves, you know instantly what it is you're losing, and how it's going to affect the show before you even watch it. Close. Spencer is a contributing reporter for Bounding Into Comics. Imagine if Shannon and Jen decided, 'you know what, this company is harming our image, we're out.' How did she find these names? Media But they are also critical to the show's identity. Gah! To what degree he is responsible for any of that is beyond my knowledge, but that’s a whole lot of playing defense for a company that supposedly has shit working conditions. A RWBY tuber did a pretty extensive interview with numerous former employees who all said Gray mismanaged them. The Rooster Teeth Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Police due this to witnesses all the time. I think Rooster Teeth is having a few problems with their employee management and memberships.
While I understand where he is coming from in terms of blatant speculation, don’t the glass door reviews make it pretty clear that management was terrible? He returned the next season to become the Lead VFX Compositor. On Page 7, Source 4 also says they don't know the 4chan post and says, I’m not the best person to talk to about this.

6 Seasons of RWBY (didn’t work on S5) Former Head of AnimationCreative role in AnimationVoice ActorPodcasts The source immediately uses the word sociopathic as well, but probably wouldn't have if the author hadn't. They've already hit that wall, and seem to be taking steps to address it internally.

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