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Here's where you can find me online. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. Having a good, compassionate therapist is a vitally important milestone for them, and can be the start of a process that takes them in a million different directions. But again, we are there to make meaning of their experience so that we feel more comfortable knowing that an irreversible intervention makes sense to them. We’re going to have to work that out.’ ” Even young affirming-clinicians-in-training — or at least those being trained by competent clinicians — get this message: “I would say ‘affirming’ isn’t always doing exactly what the kid says they want in the moment,” one young clinician-in-training working under Laura Edwards-Leeper, a leading clinician featured in my story, told me when I visited her class.

“Many people misinterpret affirming care as proceeding to social and medical transition in all cases without delay, but the reality is much more complex.” Diane Ehrensaft, another highly regarded clinician, sounded a similar tune: “This is what I tell kids all the time, particularly teenagers,” she said. grace lavery. This is a vital scientific finding.

And they’re fabulous and I love them.

But sometimes it’s quite a lot, you know, and sometimes we’re saying to people who might know us quite well, “actually, you didn’t know me that well.” But I would say those two environments, my department and my field, have been supportive rather than not. One of the most brilliant, charismatic, and hilarious professors I've ever encountered. I started this site in 2010 as a portfolio for my design work. All rights reserved.

Lavery, who was hired as a professor in Victorian literature in 2013, became interested in trans studies after reading the work of 19th century writer, Since coming out in 2018, Lavery has become one of Cal’s experts on the subject of trans studies.

(I’m going to use “affirming” and “affirmative” interchangeably, because I lack the discipline to be consistent.). Attend class, do reading, and keep notes from previous lectures- he often refers back to things he's mentioned before and expects you to know them. My first book, Quaint, Exquisite: Victorian Aesthetics and the Idea of Japan, is forthcoming in 2019 from Princeton University Press.

My first book, Quaint, Exquisite: Victorian Aesthetics and the Idea of Japan, is forthcoming in 2019 from Princeton University Press. My name is Grace, in case you didn't catch that from the header. And they’re both tremendous scholars, obviously, but they’re also just people who have experience with trans life. Lavery, who’s been living with her partner in Brooklyn since the beginning of the pandemic, joined California magazine on Zoom during Pride month to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement, teaching at Cal, and her experience coming out. If you read the bible of medical and psychiatric care for transgender people — the Standards of Care issued by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (Wpath) — you’ll find an 11-page section called “Assessment and Treatment of Children and Adolescents With Gender Dysphoria.” It states that while some teenagers should go on hormones, that decision should be made with deliberation: “Before any physical interventions are considered for adolescents, extensive exploration of psychological, family, and social issues should be undertaken.” The American Psychological Association’s guidelines sound a similar note, explaining the benefits of hormones but also noting that “adolescents can become intensely focused on their immediate desires.” It goes on: “This intense focus on immediate needs may create challenges in assuring that adolescents are cognitively and emotionally able to make life-altering decisions.”. That's alright, I've got a few more interesting facts for you down here.

Lavery hosted many engaging lectures on the Sitcom as it relates to race, gender, and class.

If I could pick one paragraph on the subject of gender dysphoria from an academic journal and force everyone to read it, it might be this one from that paper:

The Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary defines the term affirm as “to say that something is true in a confident way” (Affirm, n.d.).

Grading is tough but fair. Since then it's been a photography site, an entrepreneur venture, and now it's a creative and lifestyle blog (what I hope is its final form).
© 2020 Cal Alumni Association. Everyone agrees it’s a good thing, and agrees on part of its definition — don’t do conversion therapy, don’t shame kids for their gender identity or gender expression, generally act like a decent human being in all other interactions with your patients — but in fact there’s also a lot of fogginess surrounding what it means to be an “affirming” clinician in practice, in the situations clinicians actually experience in their day-to-day work. There’s a bit asymmetry of here — Lavery didn’t have the space to do quite as much hedging and hemming and hawing as I’m going to do here, and seemed to be seeking to provide a broad overview of the controversy rather than to get in the weeds like I’m about to.

Fat Shaming is a Shame — And I’m guilty of it. I have had the occasional experience of talking to students about transition. And yet it certainly reads like technically this kid’s path to hormones was slowed down, right? Then this blog's the place for you. All Rights Reserved.Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy. Now, I don’t think this responsibility should fall on Grace Lavery, who has a full-time job in an entirely different area, to do this sort of journalism. Gay Mag.

She has taught undergraduate courses on literature, psychology, and what she calls “contemporary cultural studies” from a trans feminist perspective.

But it can simultaneously be true that the fears expressed by assessment-skeptics come from a reasonable historic place and that they aren’t quite reasonable if we’re talking specifically about the work of clinicians like Edwards-Leeper or her onetime colleagues in Amsterdam (Edwards-Leeper helped bring the puberty-blocking protocol to the States in the first place). That’s what I mean by this stuff being a bit more complicated than actively affirming a kid’s identity on the one side, or just “watchfully waiting” him sit there, tormented by gender dysphoria, on the other. All Rights Reserved.Terms & Conditions | Privacy Policy. And the other group was younger trans women in their early 20s, almost all of whom were Cal students. I heard this first-hand from Edwards-Leeper, who is as knowledgeable about the current state of professional debate on this subject as anyone: The six trainees on Edwards-Leeper’s Transgender Youth Assessment Team spoke about the myriad ways mental-health issues and social and cultural influences can complicate a child’s conception of gender.

-I think she’s absolutely right to point out that desistance claims can be used to harm trans kids (as I’ve stated repeatedly, no desistance estimate should ever be used, on its own, to make a clinical decision about an individual person).

deserve to be allowed to use the bathroom in a safe and dignified manner, and to be free of housing and employment discrimination. You know, transition is an odd thing to do. So to position “watchful waiting” clinical work with TGNC youth as standing in opposition to “affirming care” clinical work doesn’t capture the full clinical dexterity of the best gender-affirming clinicians. You know, my work is the teaching, the research, and the service. Reach out . The Dutch clinic disagrees.

Professor Lavery is one of the greatest professors I have ever had. This person at first felt like there was a problem, that it was not right to feel this way, they want to be either trans or cis, they don’t want to be both. let me show you around. She's amazing, her lectures are so in depth and insightful that I looked forward to coming to class everyday. However, the quizzes are fair and easy (only 3 questions), not meant to trick you. This, too, is based on their own research: “To date, we do not yet know exactly when and how gender dysphoria disappears or desists,” they write. She's extremely fair and flexible with the syllabus. Her intellectual and cultural interests have grown to include psychoanalytic theories like “selfhood of desire and language of the imagination.” Now a tenured professor, she is slated this fall to teach the first graduate-level course in trans studies, “, Lavery, who’s been living with her partner in Brooklyn since the beginning of the pandemic, joined. I like sharing tips and tidbits about marketing and design, my latest mixtapes, and some IRL-related topics. I have significant quibbles with it that I’ll explain piece by piece, but it’s genuinely worth responding to, first because it captures the debate and stakes pretty accurately, and second because it’s a model of someone trying, in mostly good faith, to critique my work and understand why some people are upset about it. And it’s kind of amazing to think that that happened. That seems like a more achievable goal, or a more necessary goal. No warm up assignments. “I told them about things almost being thrown at me at conferences.”.

Then, later on — I’m jumping ahead here just so I can make this whole section about this particular issue — she elaborates further: Okay, so the first and most important thing is that the way she describes things is, strictly speaking, incorrect: This sequence in which kids “are diagnosed with gender dysphoria, receive[] treatment with hormone suppressors, and given encouragement to change name and pronoun in schools and other social environments” is perfectly compatible with “watchful waiting.” Full-stop.

This is the sort of debate that should get more airtime, as long as it’s conducted in an informed way. And suffice it to say they also recognize the complexity of this sort of work by invoking the exact sort of language Lavery attributes, via screencap, to the watchful waiting approach. GL: An interesting aspect of trans community is that we all have two ages, which is our number of years on the planet and our number of years since transition.

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