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What is the Fireworks Discharge Restriction Area? Depending on the emergency, the alert may be sent to the entire city or selected areas within the city.

The fire started in the attic and burned for a period of time, exceeding the capacity of the Provo Fire & Rescue Firefighters to effect an immediate extinguishment. Authorities ordered evacuations for Squaw Peak Road south of Provo Canyon and 5-10 homes at the mouth of Provo Canyon.

Sustainability and Natural Resources Committee, Removal of Memorial on Kiwanis Park Fence, Transportation and Mobility Advisory Committee, Planning Commission Administrative Hearings, Transportation, Bicycle, and Pedestrian Planning, Report Website Issue / Submit Web Suggestion, Family Emergency Preparedness Information Booklet, Public Safety Telecommunication Shift Supervisor (Internal Only), Public Safety Telecommunicator (Lateral Transfers).

What activities are scheduled for Fire Prevention Week?

These categories will provide information on city events, programs, meeting agendas and reminders of special meetings. State and local fire officials reported through Utah Fire Info that the fire … Do you live in a Wildland Interface area? Our firefighter/paramedics are highly trained in many aspects of the fire service to include: emergency medical response, fire response, hazardous materials response, airport firefighting (ARFF), trench rescue, confined space rescue, structural collapse, extrication, and many others.

This service allows you to sign up to get notifications from within several designated categories.

Understanding home fire hazards and having a fire escape plan can reduce the loss of life and property.

If you want the system to send alerts to other communication devices that you use, you will have to provide your contact information by logging into the system and sign up for alerts. However, prevention is a close second. Fire officials in Utah County have evacuated residents from homes in and at the mouth of Provo Canyon after a fire sparked Saturday afternoon and … There are two major types of current fire information: fire perimeter and hot spot data: Fire perimeter data are generally collected by a combination of aerial sensors and on-the-ground information.


Provo Fire & Rescue provides a variety of emergency and non-emergency services, including fire, paramedic transport, hazardous materials, rescue, fire prevention services, and public education. The system allows the Police and Fire Departments to quickly send out an emergency alert to residents in any affected geographic area in the city. What information is available for Family Emergency Preparedness? We are actively engaged in public education through the community.

Create an account and add your contact and location information into the Mass Notification system. Fires are likely to start in many places in the home including the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and storage areas such as the attic, basement, workroom, or storeroom.

92/Alpine Loop as it is a narrow, winding road. The Provo Tabernacle was an irreplaceable community treasure, but is currently being rebuilt as the Provo City Temple. Often we give tours to groups who have specific goals in mind, for example Boy Scout groups, or Emergency Preparedness groups. What is the Emergency Alert Notification System?

These data are used to make highly accurate perimeter maps for firefighters and other emergency personnel, but are generally updated only once every 12 hours.

Our best means of mitigation is through education.

What is required to install a Knox Box key box for commercial properties?

. Tabernacle Fire The Emergency Alert system allows local officials to help protect lives and property by providing critical information to residents during emergencies, including dangerous situations.

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Use I-80 and U.S. 40 as an alternate route. Fire & Rescue Serving our Community Since 1890 Provo Fire & Rescue has provided fire protection and emergency response since 1890, and today is a modern, professional, all-hazards response organization. Please enable JavaScript in your browser for a better user experience.

What is the Community Alert Notification System? About 10-15 homes have been evacuated near the mouth of Provo Canyon due to the Range Fire. Causes of fire include overheated or overloaded electrical wire, cigarette ashes, smoldering ashes in the couch, sparks from the fireplace, unattended outdoor fire and barbeques, and appliances in poor repair and unattended cooking in the kitchen.

(KUTV) — The human-caused 480-acre Upper Provo Fire is now 44% contained and remains active as firefighters trudge through difficult terrain to fight the blaze. U.S. 189 in Provo Canyon remains closed today for fire control work. On the morning of Friday, December 17, 2010, Provo Firefighters, B Platoon were completing the last few hours of their tour when a radio transmission was received from Dispatch that there was a fire at the Provo Tabernacle.

Information on CPR/First Aid/ AED classes can be found.

A wildfire that forced temporary evacuations and has burned more than 3,000 acres in Provo Canyon was started by an Orem police officer target shooting at the department’s gun …

The fire is burning near 1000 East Cascade Drive in Orem, according to fire officials. Our primary responsibility is the mitigation of emergency calls. We welcome tours to the stations. All information you provide will be kept strictly confidential. Home Fire Hazards Avoid using S.R. Active Fire Data. Other information may include reminders about voter registration deadlines, road closures, recreation programs, and other city events. Click the links below to download our free coloring contest pages. What Open Fire and Fireworks Restrictions are in place?

Just let us know what you would like us to cover so we can better serve your needs. You can stop receiving at any time by removing your contact information from your profile. Our Office of Professional Development was created to take the skills of our personnel to a higher level. A fire can be one of the most tragic events in your life. Orem, Utah (ABC4 News) – Fire crews responded to a wildfire that forced the evacuation of nearby homes on Saturday. Are recreational fires allowed in Provo City limits? How do I register for a Community CPR Class? Prevention through Education

Boy Scouts are assisted in earning merit badges and we teach community CPR classes.

The current database includes only traditional wire-line telephone (the “land line” phone you may have in your home).

What are the limits of home fuel storage?

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