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[38], Tilikum returned to performing on March 30, 2011.

About a year later, he was transferred to Sealand of the Pacific in Victoria, British Columbia. [52], Bull orca who lived in captivity at SeaWorld Orlando, Florida, Tilikum during a 2009 performance at SeaWorld, "Intentions of Whale in Killing Are Debated", "Tilikum, the orca featured in Blackfish doc and blamed for deaths of 3 people, has died", "Why Tilikum, SeaWorld's Killer Orca, Was Infamous", "Tilikum, SeaWorld's Killer Orca, is Dying", "SeaWorld Fact Check - Dorsal Fin Collapse", "Inside Seaworld – The Tilikum Transaction", "Trio of Deaths: The Portrayal of Daniel Dukes", "Seven Years On: Revisiting the Death of Dawn Brancheau", "Footage Shows Captive Orca Ramming Its Head Against Gate", "The Performing Orcas – why the show must stop", "Opinion: SeaWorld vs. the Whale That Killed Its Trainer", "SeaWorld whale mauls and kills trainer in front of audience", "Park Is Sued Over Death of Man in Whale Tank", "SeaWorld trainer killed by killer whale", "Killer whale Tilikum to be spared after drowning trainer by ponytail", "New details emerge in death of SeaWorld Orlando trainer in orca incident", "30-minute nightmare in orca's death grip", "Tilikum is dead, but his story lives on", "US Labor Department's OSHA cites SeaWorld of Florida following animal trainer's death | Occupational Safety and Health Administration", "SeaWorld whale that 'killed' three still being used to breed, former worker claims", "Tommy Lee Is Against Whale Masturbation.

But SeaWorld disputes Marino's comment, disparaging orca intelligence. What we found is just astounding.".

[33][34][35] Some witnesses reported seeing Tilikum grab Brancheau by the arm or shoulder. [7], Tilikum was a large bull orca; the largest in captivity. His first calf born in Orlando was to Katina. I spoke with Tilikum and Dawn in September, 2013 after seeing Blackfish, 3 ½ years after Dawn’s death.

SeaWorld: Wild orcas leave their mothers so the species can survive, SeaWorld claims that orca whales must leave their mothers in the wild, because, as they write, "if no adult offspring ever leave their mother, there would be no genetic diversity necessary for survival or separate pods of killer whales.".

Two years after Dawn started work at Seaworld, she became a killer whale trainer. Here are 6 of the most dubious claims made by SeaWorld, along with what "Blackfish" had to say in reply: 1. Following his arrival at SeaWorld, Tilikum sired many calves with many different females. After Tilikum killed Dawn… She was pulled to the bottom of the enclosure after falling into the pool and drowned. SeaWorld has also promoted the above graphic to claim that they do not separate young orca calves from their mothers at all -- although, as the modified ad above shows, that's false. In May 2016, it was reported Tilikum's health was improving. The three orcas submerged her, dragging her around the pool and preventing her from surfacing.

Chillingly, four years before her tragic death, 10 years ago today, Dawn had spoken out about the dangers of working with orcas.

In her spare time she volunteered at an animal shelter, adored her two Labradors and had a collection of stray ducks, rabbits, chickens and birds at the home she shared with her husband, Scott. Dawn Brancheau had been working with some of the deadliest beasts of the deep for more than 15 years. SeaWorld: Wild orcas are actually a threat to humans, At one point, "Blackfish" notes, "to this day, there's no record of an orca doing any harm to any human in the wild.". An autopsy found numerous wounds, contusions, and abrasions covering his body that were allegedly caused by Tilikum. Our. [31][32] Brancheau was killed following a Dine with Shamu show.

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