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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix. "Man I wish that I could fly this thing. "Drunk on a Plane" also tells a personal story, but also serves as a party song. Best Country Songs About Being Alone. Just remember: What goes around, comes around. Terms, G6!". However, I've noticed that there are, indeed, a few popular contemporary country songs (that most country fans know) about airplanes. In My Darkest Hour is a song by Megadeth which was released in 1988 and released under the album So Far, So Good.. And that's FINE. He feels that now there is no hope left in his life and probably wants to kill himself to end his sufferings and loneliness. Whatever the situation there are country songs to let us know we aren’t alone. Goodbye Songs 50. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. The feeling of being on a plane somewhere that you are desperate to get to.

You ungrateful bastards, he must be thinking. But I guess I can't tell you what to do - it's your life. Engaging with our readers is essential to Phoenix New Times's mission. You probably are.

Bentley is just chilling somewhere else on the same plane. A beautiful modern technological invention. -- Travis This 1999 song from the Glaswegian quartet is such a serendipitous ode that it's hard to hear the loneliness in the song.

However, the narrator may be male.) Just like Britney's "Stronger" but without the chair dance.

Robyn's refrain of "I'm in the corner / Watching you kiss her / Ooh / I'm right over here / Why can't you see me? Instead, he just wants to enjoy it.

Overall, each song is very different, and my relationship with each song is very different. "Someday," while it paints a lonely picture, at least has the hope of that one, final day. By clicking 'X' or continuing to use the site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed. It's not just you. He opines for that one final kiss, but he wants it to be out of "desire" and not "consolation," a very trying concept when saying that final goodbye to someone we've loved for so long. 42. Country music is known for blue-collar working class heroes and over the years the genre has given us some truly great songs about working hard (or hardly working).. Perhaps she is in stuck in a tough life situation that she is unable to control, and only wishes to be able to have a little bit of control over the circumstances and outcomes. Get the latest updates in news, food, music and culture, and receive special offers direct to your inbox. Get the most out of your experience with a personalized all-access pass to everything local on events, music, restaurants, news and more.

Even cowgirls get the blues, sometimes. Give a little more gas, a little more speed." He seems like he loves what he's seeing down below, and wants to spend time contemplating the infinite beauty of "the plains of Oklahoma" below and the many hard-working Americans who call these places home. "Speechless" -- At The Drive-In It takes a real fan of At The Drive-In, ahem, to recognize how a song like "Speechless" -- off their 1997 EP El Gran Orgo -- is extremely sad. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Sometimes being alone is good for us, sometimes being alone just gets us down. She absolutely doesn't care about the journey itself, and doesn't seek to interact with anyone on the plane. Search, watch, and cook every single Tasty recipe and video ever - all in one place!
He sings about the experience of buying drinks for everybody, flirting with the flight attendants, and being "up so high" that he "may never come down.". I suppose it worked, because I got in. Airplanes. Because nobody does heartache like George Jones.

The airplane enables him to reach new heights (pun intended) - to discover and deliver a new perspective, to bring attention to the states that are often forgotten by the urban and the rich - specifically, the Midwest and the Great Plains.

"Someday I Will Treat You Good" -- Sparklehorse When scheming up this list, "Someday I Will Treat You Good" instantly popped into my head. Get yourself back out there! I love, more than anything, the ability to look out the window and see how beautiful the world looks from up above. Scott Weiland brilliantly ponders why he's half the man he used to be and why he likes to steal, coming to the conclusion that "Friends don't mean a thing." The song tells of a castaway on a deserted island who sends out a message in a bottle hoping to seek out love. "Creep" is a sad song about a sad, lonely man. Country music = where I can express my love for wilderness, driving, freedom, and not taking life too seriously. Sign Up ›. It's rather vague and generic - perhaps a lack of lyrical creativity, or an appeal to any audience.

Certain people enjoy living this way, and there's absolutely nothing at all wrong with living alone. Circulation, My favorite seat on an airplane has always been the window seat. "Seven Spanish Angels” by Ray Charles and Willie Nelson Perhaps this is all happening in his head. Somebody get this girl a Grammy or an Emmy or a Key To My Heart. Aldean is shocked and borderline offended by their dismissive attitudes and utter rejection of "those fly over states", with all its hardworking men. Staff, In "Drunk on a Plane", Bentley neither seeks to extend or reduce the length of the flight. "I Better Be Quiet Now" -- from his brilliant 2000 album Figure 8 has the distinction of being quite possibly his most sad song. So What! Buckley laments how he "hates to see the love between us go," yet he knows it's "because I didn't know you at all." / Ooh" strikes a major cord for any and all ladies who have been passed over by a hopeful suitor in their lifetimes. There's a stalker in all of us. Make yourself a playlist using the long list of songs we've put together.
She (I'm going to assume Lady Antebellum's gender as female, since Hillary Scott is the lead singer, and their band name starts with "Lady". I suppose this is a dire situation, and if the narrator doesn't reach the girl and kiss her in time, she is going to mysteriously depart forever.

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In the song, Aldean mentions "the men who plowed that earth, planted that seed, busted his ass for you and me," along with "that mile long Santa Fe freight train engineer" and "that flatbed cowboy stacking US steel on a 3-day haul". 30 Country Songs For A Lonely Heart. We hold major institutions accountable and expose wrongdoing. goes on to describe her specific position on the plane: "Halfway back, aisle 23." 41.

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