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There is now a growing market for ex-military Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawks for civilian, government and para-public users. Designed as a flying crane it is the quietest, and lowest downwash helicopter in its weight class. The venerable UH-60 Black Hawk has been in service since the late 1970s.

Used by US military personnel for training foreign military units, the DS Arms FAL clone is a simple, durable and heavy hitting battle rifle. With counter rotating rotor blades the need for an anti-torque tail rotor is eliminated allowing all available horsepower to go to lifting. Both companies were acquired by Genesys in 2014. Army 15Ts work on Blackhawk helicopters every day. Add a narrow fuselage with one pilot seat and you have an unbeatable helicopter for all types of external load lifting. If it is stamped with a “B”, that is the updated version. Get your fill of tactical coolness with guns, gear, bullets and moto content each week. According to Blackhawk, shooters can tell if they have one of the affected holsters by looking at the part number on the back of your holster – if it’s stamped with an “A”, then that is the old version. Employees whose job can be completed from home have been equipped with the tools to work remotely. Learn more about licensing or reproducing content on this site. With its 8,000-lb external load capacity, it has quickly become a customer favorite in the medium- to heavy-lift sector of flight operations. Timberline operates 5 of these powerful workhorses and we are continually upgrading our fleet. Owners of the L2C with an "A" serial number are advised to stop using the holster and contact Blackhawk at 1-888-343-7547 for a full refund. This translates to very efficient lifting and the ability to perform extremely well at altitude. Read More: Is the Blackhawk T Series holster the SERPA killer? With its 650 hp Rolls Royce engine and lengthened tailboom and blades it can lift more, pull harder, and get the job done quicker.

“Thanks to the new nature of this holster as well as the relatively new nature of that handgun being made available to the public, the great likelihood is that there are very few people out there who would meet both criteria of owning a T-Series L2C as well as the M17/M18 variants of the Sig P320,” Vernon added. In the rapidly evolving COVID-19 crisis Timberline Helicopters is continuing to prepare for the upcoming wild fire season in the USA while following CDC guidelines for essential workers. Top models include S-76C++, S-76C+, S-76D, UH-60A BLACK HAWK, S-61N, and S-92. Having had a purchase price of around $5 million new, most of these surplus UH-60s can now be bought for between $400,000 to $800,000, depending on their condition. As these surplus Black Hawks have continued to enter the market, Rodney Allison, president of XP Services, saw an opportunity to make a good thing even better. As part of their foreign internal defense missions, soldiers and Marines use these SA58 clones of the FAL to help familiarize themselves with the rifle's manual of arms so they can better integrate with military units in other countries. ... A cargo hook capacity of 8,000lbs makes the Black Hawk the heaviest lift helicopter currently based in Alaska. Allison, a retired U.S. Army master aviator and experimental test pilot, felt that the popularity and capability of the older surplus Black Hawks with analog cockpits could be improved if they could be offered with a modern digital alternative. Blackhawk has worked hard in recent months to rebrand itself and change consumers’ minds about their product quality and design. © 2020 Copyright Timberline Helicopters. Barrel Threaded 9/16x24 LEFT. 20 Round Metric Magazine. The UH-60A+ is an upgraded version of the Black Hawk with new and improved engines resulting in exceptional hot/high performance and increased reliability. In speaking about the IDU-680, Nick Bogner, director of business development at Genesys Aerosystems said, “The product itself is well-suited to the platform, hitting the sweet spot, due to its ruggedized nature and its form factor. Blackhawk Multipoint Sling, for “civilian” and “tactical” shooters. In 2014, after nearly 40 years, the Black Hawk was finally released for sale to the civilian market. In 2014, after nearly 40 years, the Black Hawk was finally released for sale to the civilian market. As an independent test organization, XP Services can install any supplier’s glass cockpit in a Black Hawk. Designed by Lone Tree Creative. Get your fill of tactical coolness in this newsletter packed with guns, gear, bullets and moto content. Click here to learn about our response to COVID-19.

Xaver M. Boston, 31, coerced victims struggling with opioid addictions to become prostitutes for his profit between 2012 and 2017, except for a brief period when he was deployed to Afghanistan. 7.62 X 51mm NATO. The clone versions offered to the civilian market also bear those external safeties. Two people are hurt following a helicopter crash near … The MD500 line of helicopters are proven powerline construction aircraft and the MD530 is the undisputed beast of the family. The clone versions offered to the civilian market also bear those external safeties. She said when engineers discovered the issue, only about 1,500 of the holsters had been sold and that the company immediately contacted distributors and even reached out to those who purchased the L2C holster from With its 8,000-lb external load capacity, it has quickly become a customer favorite in the medium- to heavy-lift sector of flight operations. U.S. Made Glass Filled Nylon Pistol Grip. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission just dropped a recall notice for Blackhawk’s new T-Series L2C holster, citing a potential safety issue. Unlike the standard civilian P320, the M17 and M18s have external safeties as per the requirements of the Army. With its small footprint and extremely stable flight characteristics it is the aircraft of choice for all types of powerline construction and maintenance.

In total, more than 4,000 Black Hawks are in service throughout the world today. Activated in 1917, the 86th Infantry Division served in France during World War I.During World War II, the "Blackhawk" division arrived in France in March 1945.It quickly proceeded to Germany, where it took part in the fierce fighting in the Ruhr area. The specifications of the rifle in this video include: 18" Premium Traditional Profile Barrel. SHOT Show 2018 / New from Blackhawk: Multipoint Sling. “I haven’t competed in a marathon before, but I’ve never been afraid of a challenge.".

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