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(Was it prophesied in your Bible?) I also found Tarsus (perhaps Tarshish) on the southeastern coast. Konya,

located Istanbul.

All Rights Reserved. Verse 37 states that the Edomites ruled land that reached all the way to the Euphrates River. They conclude that the origins of the Turks are obscure because they won’t accept the provable records of these people. The children of Israel, through sin, were driven out of the Promised Land that belonged with the birthright. Ephesus. Many, if not most, of the early assemblies were located on Turkish soil. This land is located near Persia and Central Asia, as Dr. Herman Hoeh showed in his Compendium of World History, Volume 2—by connecting the Husham in the land of Temani found in verse 34 with the Persian ruler Hushang. Coming to understand about the nature and character of this powerful institution tells you as much about the future as it does about the past.

Turkey has had a continuous identity crisis. In fact, there are arguably more Greek, Roman, and Christian ruins in Turkey than in either Greece or Italy. an ancient cave church with a stone facade, located outside “And Jacob said, Sell me this day thy birthright … [t]hen Jacob gave Esau bread and pottage of lentils; and he did eat and drink … thus Esau despised his birthright … And Esau hated Jacob because of the blessing wherewith his father blessed him: and Esau said in his heart, The days of mourning for my father are at hand; then will I slay my brother Jacob” (Genesis 25:31, :34, 27:41). History has certain repeated patterns of behaviour that continues to reemerge even in our day.

It It is about to play a central role in world events. Seals of Isaiah and King Hezekiah Discovered, the father of the Assyrians whose descendants are now the nation of Germany.

It allied with Israel; it joined NATO; it sought membership in the European Union; it became an important partner of the United States in the then-so-called war on terror. In Turkestan is the River Amu today!

John cared for Mary, as Yahshua had commanded him from the stake, until his imprisonment on Patmos (an island off the Turkish coast), where he spent his remaining years in exile. To do this, Constantine and the Nicene Council of 325 CE had to adopt many of their pagan concepts and customs into the Christian religion:  Christmas (the Saturnalia), Easter (a fertility g-ddess), Sunday worship (the day of the sun g-d), and the Trinity (triad-g-d worship), among others. Turkey, as a nation by that name, only came into existence in 1920, just after WWI with the fall of the Ottoman Empire. He stays in the city about three years (Acts 19:1-20). He preached at Perge, Troas, Assos, Ephesus and many other cities there.

According to local tradition, after John was banned to Patmos, the early believers at Ephesus built a house for Mary and looked after her until her death. The land that is now Turkey was at the heart of human civilization, trade, and consequently, biblical history.

Paul wrote his epistles to the Galatians, Ephesians and Colossians, all assemblies in Turkey. Once we know the Turks’ origins, we can trace their history. When the Turks rose to power, they migrated back toward the same general direction they had come from into Asia Minor. House Tour, St. John Basilica Tour, Private Ephesus Tour, Istanbul

Why am I?” You are a mystery.
Mosque has some interesting architectural features, such as It is actually the city from which God will rule the entire universe! Ephesus Tour, Biblical Asia Minor Tour, Pearls of Turkey Tour, Virgin He established his capital at Byzantium and renamed it Constantinople (modern Istanbul). And though the thick, sweet Turkish coffee is readily available, tea is hospitably offered everywhere – especially to tourists shopping for souvenirs. He continued: Then suddenly we find Amalek the name of a city in Turkestan in Central Asia (from Paul Herrmann’s Sieben vorbei und Act Verweht, page 451). inscriptions. John cared for Mary, as Yahshua had commanded him from the stake, until his imprisonment on Patmos (an island off the Turkish coast), where he spent his remaining years in exile. The king of the south is stirring up trouble even today. The Ottoman Turks conquered the decaying Byzantine Empire in 1453, replacing Christianity with Islam. Ararat, the place where Noah’s ark landed. Psalm 83 shows that Turkey will not completely cut its ties with Europe. Map of Gog: The land and cities of Magog and his brothers.

Traveling down the Aegean coast from Istanbul in northwest Turkey to the Datca Peninsula where the Aegean meets the Mediterranean in the southwest, one first comes upon the cemeteries of Gallipoli, the site of the famous WWI battle  These cemeteries stand as silent monuments to clashes between cultures and ideologies down through the ages. When you see how people reacted to it, you can understand why we have no real peace in this evil world.

The eastern branch of Turks, found in Central Asia today, descend from Japheth and are Mongoloid. The Grotto of St Paul has been a Christian sacred Much of this history is recorded in the history book almost no one relies on—the Bible. Where did the first life come from? In actuality, many of the familiar stories in the Old Testament took place in what is now Turkey, and the major portion of the New Testament was either written on Turkish soil or to believers living in Turkey, not the country of Greece as we know of today. Antioch Antioch is the place where the followers of Jesus were first build an Islamic place of worship that would be even better than Temple of Apollo attracted crowds of pilgrims. It stands as a testament to the power and architectural genius of the Byzantine period.

In Ephesus Paul discovers twelve believers who were baptized but who did'nt as yet have God's spirit.

The original foundations are still there, the house itself having been rebuilt in the 6, Prior to Constantine’s conquest, the people had worshiped a pantheon of Greek and then Roman pagan g-ds and g-ddesses.

The two great architectural achievements now stand next to each

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