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Birthplace For the original Bart the Bear (1977-2000), see, Horse Crazy 2: The Legend of Grizzly Mountain, "Vital Ground: Bart the Bear II and Honey Bump", "In pictures: Meet the Hollywood Bear Who Boasts an Impressive Showreel", "Utah's Bart the Bear: Hollywood Star, Savior for Grizzly Habitat". Just the pit part was built: the extras crowded around the top of the pit were filmed on the full set in Northern Ireland. Every bit as talented and powerful as his namesake Bart The Bear 1, Bart The Bear 2 can act the part of a terrifying heavy, as in The Edge and Legends of The Fall or shine as a comedian, as in The Great Outdoors and Without A Paddle. Within a few months, they were orphaned when their mother was shot and killed outside Paxson, Alaska. [citation needed]. Bart the Bear 2, also called Bart the Bear II, Bart 2, Bart II, or Little Bart (born January 20, 2000) is a male interior Alaskan grizzly bear actor who has appeared in several Hollywood films and television series, including An Unfinished Life, Into the Wild, We Bought a Zoo, Game of Thrones, and most recently Into the Grizzly Maze. 2004 – Into The West – TNT / Dreamworks "The Bear and the Maiden Fair " Education: Doug Seus. [4][5] Bart 2's most recent work is his appearance in the action horror-thriller Into the Grizzly Maze.
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Weight: 1,100 lbs
[3] His widely publicized 2013 appearance on the HBO TV series Game of Thrones, in which he was pitted against Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth, received rave reviews. Doug Seus decided to name the new male cub after the original Bart after seeing that he "had the same nature as the original Bart, and a lot of the attributes. IMDb Page. The Bear 2006 – Evan Almighty – Universal Pictures As a cub and young adult bear, Bart 2 was often called "Little Bart". Little Bart has appeared in Dr. Dolittle 2, CSI, Scrubs, and Into the Wild. Bart 2 was named after the Seus' well-known bear actor Bart the Bear, who died two weeks later in May, shortly after the Seuses adopted the cubs. All in all the Ursine thespian Bart the beat 2 offer the most memorable turn of the lot.”, – Leslie Felperin, VARIETY  review of UNFINISHED LIFE. Bart the Bear was born in 2000 in Alaska, USA. Bart was then flown from Utah to California, where a partial duplicate of the bear pit set at Harrenhal was built in a Los Angeles studio parking lot. 2009 – Have you Heard About the Morgans? His trainers are Doug Seus and Lynne Seus of Wasatch Rocky Mountain Wildlife, Inc., in Heber City, Utah. He is an actor, known for Without a Paddle (2004), We Bought a Zoo (2011) and Into the Wild (2007). 2003 – An Unfinished Life, Miramax Pictures (Co-stars – Robert Redford, Morgan Freeman) Eyes: Tawny Brown Date of birth: January 20, 2000 [2] He has appeared with Kevin James, Emile Hirsch, and Matt Damon. Date of birth: January 20, 2000. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. 2013 – Game of Thrones – HBO, Community Service: They were found by an Alaskan State Trooper, Gregory Fisher. Born in 2000, Little Bart is named after the (unrelated) Bart the Bear, who starred in several major films, and who died the same year that Little Bart was born. Bart the Bear (born 2000), nicknamed " Little Bart," is a trained Alaskan Kodiak actor-bear.

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