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In a shock move Major Crimes killed off Sharon Raydor before the end of the final season.

tip: austen words:10000-50000 sort:title. Later, when the victim's partner drove to LA from Vegas, Andy was continuosly antagonistic toward him, though the reason was never revealed. She nearly calls off her wedding to detective Andy Flynn (Tony Denison, Prison Break) as a result, but ultimately goes through with the ceremony. His closest friend is Provenza. Detective Lieutenant I Andrew Flynn is a fictional character originally featured on TNT's crime drama The Closer.

This caused Rusty to run away after which Flynn broadcasted a BOLO (Be On the Lookout) out for Rusty in hopes of finding him.

Flynn can sometimes be disloyal and sometimes fails to keep his word.

He will also be monitored by Patrice who was asked by Provenza to hang out with him when Sharon and Rusty are not home. When in trouble, he often tries to talk his way out of it by asking and answering a series of rhetorical questions which inevitably make things worse. Flynn spends “Snitch”​ trying to get up the courage to ask Sharon on a real date which he does in the end. [6] It is incorrectly thought that the top ribbon depicts the red white and blue LAPD Liberty Award, however, this ribbon is only award to K-9 officers.

Please consider turning it on! Sharon, in a complicated situation of her own, also finds herself strangely drawn towards this widower and his children in this story of love in all it's messy, sometimes painful, and wonderful glory.

When Provenza asks for Rusty's help against Phillip Stroh in “By Any Means, Part 1”, Andy refuses to put Rusty into danger as he promised Sharon that he would protect Rusty for her no matter what. Despite this, he aids Rusty and Andrea Hobbs in their efforts to learn more about Mariana and secure Gustavo Wallace's cooperation in Mariana's murder trial. However, Sharon's health continues to decline and she dies in “Conspiracy Theory, Part 4”, leaving Andy to basically collapse in grief.

Flynn warns Rusty that while he will search, he can't be held responsible for the consequences that will come from locating Paloma.

In Hostage of Fortune, they inform Chief Taylor of their relationship. After they told the realtor that they would like to make an offer, he disclosed to them that the house was infested with Toxic Black Mold and stated that it was such an "opportunity" to just rip down the old walls and remodel the rooms into the house of their dreams and that there was a deal to be made there. When Rusty shows up at the hospital complaining about being dragged out of bed at the beginning of “Medical Causes”​, Flynn calls Rusty "the little psycho" to Sharon. Given to any LAPD officer who saw service during the 1984 Summer Olympics from July 28 to August 12, 1984. In “Medical Causes”, when Flynn wanted to open the suspect's purse, which was closed, by claiming it had opened during the car crash, Lt. Provenza told him that they needed a truce with Capt. However, Captain Sharon Raydor convinced him to go, and he took her as his date. Flynn gets very emotionally invested in the. As they go in, he speaks excitedly about the benefits of the place, including how it would work for Rusty, who he does not know is concerned about whether he would be welcome. Flynn attends Mariana's funeral and watches as the squad comforts Gus over the resolution that occurred to his search for his sisters. TNT's Major Crimes is a spinoff of The Closer, which starred Kyra Sedgwick and J.K. Simmons. He moves in with Sharon and Rusty. Along with investigating the murders, in “By Any Means, Part 2” and “By Any Means, Part 3”, Andy approves Gus staying at the condo for his own protection and even moving into Rusty's room. In “Reloaded”, MCD was called to a scene of a botched grocery store robbery where two suspects were killed and one captured by SIS detectives.

After sharing her thoughts with Andy, they remembered that the original investigating officer, Detective Miller, mentioned he had a son who had served in the military and that every time they were staking out a store in case the robbers showed up, they were somewhere else.

Looking for something to watch? He later tells Provenza in "Chain Reaction" that he thinks about retiring everyday but has given too much to the job to do it; namely, a good relationship with his children and his faith in most of humanity. During the "Sanctuary City" arc, Andy is forced to deal with Sharon's declining health and their upcoming wedding. The TNT network television series “Major Crimes” continues June 22 with an episode involving a supermodel. The Closer was a ratings winner for TNT thanks to its large ensemble cast and excellent writing.

Watch the new episode of Major Crimes this Tuesday night on TNT to find out.

When they first met, along with the rest of the squad, Andy didn't like Sharon at all. At the end, Major Crimes had caught the detectives' killer (the woman who he was stalking) and the mastermind behind the identity thefts and credit frauds (a university professor operating under false ID), the LAPD turned the professor over to the victim's partner, as they had no evividence he had committed crimes in California. Six years after the death of his wife, Andy Flynn crosses paths with Sharon Raydor. As Ortiz prepares to bomb the murder room, he is confronted by Flynn and several officers at gunpoint. At the end of “White Lies, Part 3”​, Andy collapses to the office floor because of a heart attack and everyone rushes to aid him.

Major Crimes' sixth and final season is currently in progress, and it's going to feature Commander Sharon Raydor's (Mary McDonnell) anticipated wedding to Lt. Andy Flynn (Tony Denison).

Now the second-in-command of Major Crimes, Andy becomes determined to kill Stroh, even if he is surrendering to ensure Rusty's safety. Flynn initially refused to go to her wedding when she wanted both him and her step-father whom Flynn hates to walk her down the aisle. What starts off as an innocent shower leads to a few injuries for our favorite couple. Andy combed through the firing range user logs where all of the other victims had been visiting and found Greg Miller's name, the son of Det. Rusty comforts Andy and convinces him to help. Raydor and they needed to follow protocol and get a search warrant beforehand so the investigation would not be jeopardized for the sake of the multiple victims. Here's how Raydor died on the series.

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