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"Architecture 101" opened #1 at the South Korean box office during its March 23-25 opening weekend. Back to the present day, Seung-Min is hesitant to take Seo-Yeon's job offer.

Following a painful breakup Toey decides to heal his broken heart in Higashikawa town where he meets Oat who is on his bachelor finale trip. That feelling when we watch it really catch my heart. He will cherished the love he had for Seo-Yeon but he needs to be a man and stick to his original decision to be with his fiancée and live in the U.S. What I like the most is the transition from past to present vice versa..its so nicely done..the actors and actresses are so good...I definitely recommend this movie..its worth watching...It suits the realistic mood..the ending is just perfect :) daebak!! :) Although i agree with someone who said, that Seungmin was mature and moved on with his life :), Lagawani Nov 28 2013 2:59 pm 3.

SeungMin doesnt recognize the woman at first but then realizes the woman is SeoYeon Han GaIn. Omg, I initially watched this for Suzy (huge miss A fan) but whoa............. Han Ga-in.... She is soo darn beautiful in this movie, is she even real? Despite their confrontational ... Da Xi a girl who is very good at cooking has only one dream find a peerless beauty husband. felldowntherabbithole Oct 19 2017 6:51 pm Tsukasa Keiko Kitagawa got into a severe car accident when she was a high school student. I have a slightly different take on the ending. I really really liked this movie. The cafe, which is remodeled from the home featured in the movie "Architecture 101," is located at 2975 Wimi-ri 1, Namwon-eup, Seogwipo-si, Jeju Island, South Korea. :) Han Ga-In is so beautiful i really hope she do more romance comedy film like this one in the future. I haven’t watched a romance film that impressed like “Architecture 101″ in quite sometime. But after spending months with her, he realize that he still loves her ... but hesistant to admit it and want to focus and finishing the project until he saw the mini card board house again in her home. Overall, this movie was impressive but very sad though. Diane Nov 26 2013 2:11 am

but seriously was the movies too short or is it just me? [KissAsian Shop] Bridal Mask OST, Super Junior’s Photo Book, B.A.P and ZE:A’s New Albums, Infinite, “Dream High 2” and “Architecture 101” DVDs! One of the best part of the film and also what bothers people the most is the big question. Different ending from any other cliche love story.

Alternative 2538 The answer will be one of those or all of the above. Uhm Tae-Woong’s popularity has been on a rise with his appearance on Korean variety/reality show “1 Night and 2 days” (even though that popularity hasn’t necessarily related to box office success – reference “Never Ending Story”).

Apr 13 2012 11:42 am


That's the beauty of this movie. LOL But when she came out her room the next day in the movie, it looked as if she didn't recall any of it because she was drunk. engkus Jun 08 2012 10:15 pm Swan is a KoreaChina coproduction. I decided to watch this film today... at first i thought its gonna be boring film but then 4min into the movie i was hooked. In any way, the two lovers are together in another realm. Architecture 101. I mean yes, it left us all wandering so what happened next? Seo-Yeon is his first love, but he hasn't seen her since his freshman year in college.

theguy Mar 07 2012 7:07 am I like the design of the house very much.

But now it's killing us, because we don't know what happened next. Seung-Min now has no choice, but to take on Seo-Yeon's home project. Seo-Yeon now has a request. Source HancCinema Edit Translation English Nederlands Polski Bahasa Indonesia. kenneth Jun 23 2012 3:44 am Shin Min Ah Is A Published Author.

Suzy so pretty without make up...and i'm really sure this movie will be daebakk.. =).

Oh mannn.. He is so blind and coward away from his first love. 1. Why Seung-Min did not call Seo-Yeon back. Kinggofing Mar 13 2014 10:52 am can't understand anything in this movie. 35-year-old architect Seung-Min (Uhm Tae-Woong) receives a visit at his office from a woman. This is one of my fav movies. As much as I anticipated a happy ending, I also didn't want it. The next morning she looks so happy that make me think nothing happen that night. Sydney N. F. G. Jun 08 2012 7:49 am Lastly, Bae Suzy is a member of ultra-popular Kpop group “Miss A.” The movie is also directed by Lee Yong-Ju, previously directed the well received 2009 horror film “Possessed”.


i love this movie because of Lee Je Hoon and Jo Jung-Suk.even Jo Jung-Suk's scene just in the past.the scene about he explained how to kiss make me laugh everytime i remember it.. anton Aug 08 2012 10:44 am wow I guess this is another beautiful story....can't wait to see!

9. After the conclusion of “Architecture 101,” I can surmise that the success of “Sunny” probably gave inspiration to the film’s flashback techniques, but the story feels unique and, because of this, you quickly forget the comparisons with “Sunny”. if(typeof(W4GRB)=="undefined") Architecture 101 EngSub: yearold architect SeungMin Uhm TaeWoong receives a visit at his office from a woman.

did she or did she not back in the room? The woman may not have the best ending but who knows? i'll always support you! He first meets Seo-Yeon (Bae Suzy) in his Architecture 101 class.

The film lacks the typical “drama” level for its genre, which is good thing for me. This is a very moving story of first love, with an unusually intelligent and loving perspective. Back in those days, guys just didn’t wear lipstick and this aspect stuck out like a sore thumb, especially when you consider they did an otherwise fantastic job recreating the style from that era. Lee Je-Hoon also excelled in his performance as the innocent college aged version of Uhm Tae-Woong’s main character.

At the same time, he showed Seo-yeon that he remembered her as his first love, and honoured her in every thoughtful detail in the home he built.

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