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At any rate it shows that there’s nothing against her.

Bodie. Bodie (really troubled). Policeman (who has himself a pretty vein of sarcasm). It was first produced in London at Wyndham's Theatre on March 16, 1916, starring Gerald du Maurier and Hilda Trevelyan, enjoying great success over 156 performances, and with … Does that shed any light on the boxes, do you think? Cinderella (in a whisper). I want a witness to this. You can stand down.

(With the affable manner of a conjuror.) Maybe I’ll not be coming back after to-night. Our greatest success was in saying that perhaps she had fallen in love at first sight with him, which on reflection nearly doubled him up.
Bodie. Nobody wants your money, Cinderella. Cinderella (little aware that she may have solved the question of the ages). Cinderella. Bodie (flinching). The story begins with Cinderella wishing to have a better life, away from her evil stepsisters. No, I am not married. Policeman. Cinderella’s father remarried and her stepmother and two stepsisters treated her poorly and made her work all day. On a shelf is a large stuffed penguin, which is to be one of the characters in the play, and on each side of this shelf are two or three tattered magazines. Cinderella (as white as the Venus). Policeman (after reflecting). It’s at A. C. Celeste’s . Your Web browser is not enabled for JavaScript. Policeman (stamping about the floor with the exaggerated tread of the Law). Everything may be real on the stage except the books. Bodie. They said I was a luxury. There is nothing against my telling you. Bodie (inquisitively). The least distinguished person in ‘Who’s Who’ has escaped, as it were, from that fashionable crush, and is spending a quiet evening at home. Celest A. C.? Splendid!

Policeman (with a friendly glance at the Venus). If you please, sir. J. M. BARRIE (1860 - 1937) This play does have Cinderella and a Godmother, Royalty, and glass slippers, but it takes place in WW1 and is certainly not your typical fairy tale! (The word makes her shudder. that she does for the sick and destitute. Cinderella (with some pride). I see nothing you can prove by that. I won’t! Did I? Could recall not the slightest symptoms of love at first sight. What’s all this about a ball? The poor girl who was condemned by her stepmother and stepsisters when her father died. Bodie. But I am not Cinderella, I am the stepmother. (With terrible self-confidence he has already opened the door and beckoned. Let us put it in this way, that he occupies more space in his wicker chair than in the book, where nevertheless he looks as if it was rather lonely not to be a genius. If that will do for to-night, I’ll have the window boarded up. Why should you, you queer little waif. Does not imply by unfavourable any aspersion on her personal appearance. Cinderella (breathlessly). (He contemplates a letter to the ‘Times.’). Cinderella. You know quite well I allow no one to touch her. Our Policeman, as he has told us under the arches, was watching her through the keyhole, but his first impressions have been so coloured by subsequent events that it is questionable whether they would be accepted in any court of law.

Policeman (producing his note book). For soon she is engaged in her fairy tale role, enchanting the prince and his party at the royal ball. Policeman (heavily). For instance, what would be the punishment for an English person caught hiding aliens in this country? For walKing uninvited into the abode of a law-abiding London citizen, with whom I have not the pleasure of being acquainted. I’ve tried. I can’t let that pass. I am—oh, I am!

He strikes with it now, right and left, revealing, as if she had just entered the room, a replica of the Venus of Milo, taller than himself though he is stalwart. You dear little innocent. Many a haughty beauty with superb uppers will come sailing in—as sure of the prize as if ‘Delicious’ was pinned on her—and then forward steps the Lord Mayor, and, utterly disregarding her uppers, he points to the bottom of her skirt, and he says ‘Lift!’ and she has to lift, and there’s a dead silence, and nothing to be heard except the Prince crying ‘Throw her out!’. Umpha! And many is the lick of soup you’ve given me when you thought I looked down-like. Where is it that these goings-on is going on? If I had that belt for half an hour! As you are here, officer, there is something I want to say to you. No, not yet. This is the famously winsome fantasy which was such a perennial favourite with Maude Adams and her audience. Subjects: Comedy. It was really I who gave her that name, because she seemed such a poor little neglected waif. (not yet rated) A Kiss for Cinderella Play by James Matthew Barrie. Cinderella (stung). Bodie (ashamed). Our Policeman’s romance, now to be told, began, as we begin, with his climbing up into Mr. Bodie’s studio. What do you keep in those boxes? Do you know why I call you Cinderella?

Cinderella (with dignity). The E-mail Address(es) field is required. Her measurements are perfection. Cinderella (with a new interest in Venus). Touch of Scotch about her, I should say—perhaps from some distant ancestor; but Scotch words and phrases still stick to the Cockney child like bits of egg-shell to a chicken. A cleaning woman who works in an artist's apartment has a vivid imagination. And possibly for the sake of greater security you tied a string round it—did you?

By heavens, that may just be what she is doing. Cinderella (generously). What are Doctors up to when they tell you to say 99?
She adores the story of Cinderella and dreams, in an impoverished state, of being at the ball", accessed February 1, 2019. © 2020 CBS Interactive Inc. All Rights Reserved. There is no spirited bidding to acquire Mr. Bodie’s canvases: he loves them at first sight himself, and has often got up in the night to see how they are faring; but ultimately he has turned cold to them, and has even been known to offer them, in lieu of alms, to beggars, who departed cursing. I forgot. She is again a valiant soul who has had too many brushes with the police not to be able to face another with a tight lip. Herbert Brenon . For two pins he would arrest her. How do you come to know German words?

(She turns with a sigh to the dusting of the penguin.) Original title A Kiss for Cinderella Year 1925 Running time 105 min. An imprudent glance at the Venus again dispirits her. (She is so dreading to do the wrong thing that she can only stare. Reprint. These studios are looked after by a housekeeper, who employs this girl to do the work. . She has paid me up to to-night. There is a famous fairytale. I didn’t eat it all myself. Beauty’s a grand thing. Bodie.

Can’t say I have, sir. Their exquisite smallness and perfect shape. All rights reserved. He barks at her.). I may have to adopt a disguise. The least distinguished person in ‘Who’s Who’ has escaped, as it were, from that fashionable crush, and is spending a quiet evening at home. Cinderella (as still as the Venus). He’s not married. . 7d. Bodie. I don’t know. (He likes his little Maid again.) But the policeman discovers, to his great delight, that Cinderella\'s secret acts are merely the good deeds that she does for the sick and destitute. Policeman. It is merely a name given her because she is my ideal. And you suppose correctly. I understand there is something about her father having married again, and her being badly treated.

The E-mail message field is required. Cinderella (insisting). Rating: (not yet rated) 0 with reviews - Be the first. But I’m the one as has done that, sir. Now bring her up. Please enter the message. But it doesn’t matter how fine the rest of you is if you doesn’t have small feet. Policeman. Cinderella. Thank you. A bishop. He is about to make a powerful beginning when he finds her eyes regarding the middle of his person.). That’s absolutely true, officer. (But our Policeman has emerged and barred the way.). It’s agin the regulations. I believe you are right, officer. Did you? Cinderella (with passionate arms).

Spit? The E-mail Address(es) you entered is(are) not in a valid format. Well, that don’t help us much. Mr. Bodie comes in anxiously.). She keeps them in there. I’m ready. Then you suppose wrongly. She had best try no games on me. Written or Published Around February 22, 2017 : J. M. Barrie – The Old Lady Shows Her Medals Play, ADELAIDE ANNE PROCTER – LINKS WITH HEAVEN POEM, Jane Austen – Sense and Sensibility Volume I, Bram Stoker – Under the Sunset and Other Stories, Adelaide Anne Procter Verse: The Angel’s Story Poem, J. M. Barrie – The Twelve-Pound Look Play, Free Public Domain Books from the Classic Literature Library. Who is Lord Times?—she has heard people here talKing of that paper and its proprietor, and has mixed them up in the quaintest way; then again—when a tailor measures a gentleman’s legs what does he mean when he says—26, 4—32, 11? She is scrupulously honest, and if she took the boards we may be sure that I said she could have them. By the way, do you, by any chance, know anything against a firm of dressmakers called Celeste et Cie.? Bodie. With whom? Take care, Thing.

I don’t like . That’s another odd thing. Felt at once the curious ‘homeliness’ of her, as commented on by Mr. Bodie, but could swear on oath that this had not at once made him think of Badgery. There you go again! It’s not nonsense. You are showing too much illumination. She doesn’t search for it in books; indeed the only book of mine I can remember ever seeing her read, was a volume of fairy tales. Cinderella (swelling). According to the tome mentioned (to which we must return him before morning), Mr. Bodie is sixty-three, has exhibited in the Royal Academy, and is at present unmarried. Just the one. But alas, the midnight hour must come for every Cinderella, so she returns to the world of reality to find that her prince is a policeman who is ever so much in love with her. Had put her down as being a grown woman, but not sufficiently grown. What’s the German for ‘six months hard’?

Where were you born, officer? http:\/\/\/dataset\/WorldCat> ; http:\/\/\/title\/-\/oclc\/1829840#PublicationEvent\/london_hodder_and_stoughton_limited_c1920>. Where, sir, does a common female keep her valuables when she carries them about on her person? He tries hammer blows.). It concerns a modern Cinderella, who is employed as a charwoman in an artist's flat. It’s true, but there’s nothing remarkable about it. That’ll do. Policeman (in his most terrible voice). A policeman is sent to follow her, because she is believed to be engaged in illegal activities after working hours. We are now about to try a little experiment, the object being to discover whether this party is genteel or common clay. One of his duties was to herd the vagrant populace under our arches during air-raids, and at such times he could be properly gruff, yet comforting, like one who would at once run in any bomb that fell in his beat. She could have up with her knee and catched it—, Bodie (excitedly). Bodie. She was dressed as one, but was suspiciously clean. They are—be careful, Cinderella. Godmother.

So there are only a few magazines in the studio (and very likely when the curtain rings up it will be found that they are painted too). Bodie. But where does a lady keep them? (He reconsiders her.) I did—but—I—I don’t know why. Nevertheless it was literature of a sort that first brought him into our ken.

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