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Before listening to 99% invisible, I dismissed design as aesthetic preference. Men are often the default subjects of design, which can have a huge impact on big and critical aspects of everyday life. The Fourth Amendment—the constitutional protection against unreasonable searches and seizures—did not effectively shield individuals from government intrusion while driving. Our thanks again to Roman Mars for helping this author (who has personally listened to every last episode) select personal as well as fan and staff favorites for this piece, and to his colleagues and partners helping make 99% possible, including Sam Greenspan and KALW San Francisco. Articles of Interest is a limited-run podcast series about fashion, housed inside the... Track your ranks and reviews from iTunes, Stitcher and more.

Moon was witnessing the birth of a new profession—one that would go on to change the face of emergency medicine.

Now, a wedding has come to represent a crowning achievement -- a symbol that your whole life is together and you have accrued the time and space and resources to afford your ascent to another level of fulfillment. American unemployment hit 11 percent.

But her book comes at this famous fast-food restaurant from a different angle and with a much wider lens.

But back in the 80s, most people didn't know this remarkable fact about peat. This episode of 99% Invisible is produced by Peregrine Andrews for Falling Tree Productions. This uniform design can be traced back to American Revolution, classical statuary, and one particular bloke bopping around downtown London way back in the 1770s.

Before the twentieth century, most Americans rarely came into contact with police officers. What you may never have realized in watching sports is that the natural sounds of the activity can be impossible to capture … so they have to be prerecorded, then replayed on cue during live coverage. Sparked by the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, these demonstrations have spread to communities, big and small, across the country and around the world.

Even with this long history, when the Houston Astros were recently caught stealing signs during their championship season it became a huge scandal. Download Repod to listen and join the discussion.

In Franchise: The Golden Arches in Black America, Chatelain offers a critique of racial capitalism and a long history of trying to address social problems with business-based solutions. “Though its official name is JFK Plaza, the open space near Philadelphia’s City Hall is more commonly known as LOVE Park. For little kids, cul-de-sacs can be great, but they do have some real, quantifiable design flaws.” In the episode above, Roman and a guest explore the back and forth, exploring the evolution and alternating emphasis on urbanization and suburbanization, and changes in regulation that first allowed and are are now destroying these strange street layouts. Many transgender, non-binary, and intersex... After the 1970s oil crisis, the global economy went into a recession. Launched in 2018 by Avery Trufelman, the show encourages... Menswear can seem boring. The world of high end perfume is surprisingly lucrative, considering that scent is often the most ignored of our senses. If a device and its sounds are designed correctly, it creates a special ‘theater of the mind’ that users completely buy into. Instead of using bright colors, or putting their own name on the box, or... Winifred Gallagher, author of How the Post Office Created America argues that the post office is not simply an inexpensive way to send a letter.
Meanwhile, here are a few more episode suggestions to get you started. The service was designed to unite a bunch of disparate towns and people under one flag, and in doing so, she believes the post office actually created the United States of America.

One chain in France, called Carrefour, was developing a discount store brand when they had an idea.

“When people critique cul-de-sacs, a lot of the time, they’re actually critiquing the suburbs more generally. Teams and players would try all kinds of tricks to get a glimpse of what the catcher was signaling to the pitcher. Launched in 2018 by Avery Trufelman, the show encourages people to rethink the way we look at what we wear and what it says about us.

“Ever since the industrial revolution, when it became possible for products to be designed just once and then mass produced, it has been the slight imperfections and wear introduced by human use that has transformed a quality mass produced product into a thing we love. With its sleek granite benches, geometric raised planter beds, and long expanses of pavement, its success as a pedestrian plaza is debatable. Kowloon Walled City – Den of Iniquity [Episode 66], Cul-De-Sac – Symbol of Suburbia [Episode 29], In and Out of LOVE – Skating in the Park [Episode 71], The Pruitt-Igoe Myth – Urban Renewal [Episode 44], Sounds of the Artificial World – Digital Feedback [Episode 15], The Accidental Music of Imperfect Escalators [Episode 43], Sound of Sport – Secrets of Sampling [Episode 38], Hover Houses: 12 Cliff-Clinging Homes with a View, Tiger Stripes to Cow Spots: 13 Playful Home Paint Jobs, Perfect Pitch: Impossibly Starry City Skies in Blackest Night, Self-Healing Infrastructure: Eco-Friendly Fungus Grows to Fill Concrete Cracks. For New York City to get that dense, every man, woman, and child living in Texas would have to move to Manhattan.” Even with pictures, it is almost impossible to visualize – but listen to the above tale and it starts to come alive the same way a fictional city rises from the pages of a book. Their job is to draw the audience into the action and make sports sound as exciting as possible, and this doesn’t mean they put a bunch of microphones on the field. Published 03/31/20 395- This is Chance!

This is a rebroadcast from October 2017 An address is something many people take for granted today, but they are in fact a fairly recent invention that has shaped our cities and taken on great political importance. So for this episode of Ubiquitous Icons: hop in the car with Roman and Kurt for a crash course in roadside signage. There is no witty wordplay nor shocking truth in our title today, but that is quite by design – we simply did not want risk underselling Roman Mars, the maker of a radio show that covers architecture, design and cities at a level more than sufficiently clever to speak for itself. 389- Whomst Among Us Has Let The Dogs Out.


“The Pruitt-Igoe housing project in St. Louis became most famous at the moment of its demise.

Learn more at “Without all the beeps and chimes, without sonic feedback, all of your modern conveniences would be very hard to use. But one can't judge a scent solely by the brand and shape of the bottle.
When we think about carbon storage, we tend to think about forests, but peatlands are also incredible carbon sinks. Buy The 99% Invisible City!

But it turned out to be perfect for skateboarding.

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